The Ultimate Guide To Olukai Golf Shoe Review

When we talk about the Olukai golf shoe review, a decent golf shoe should accomplish the following three tasks: Carry out your duties successfully on the track. Maintain your ease and convenience throughout the whole day. And keep up with the requirements of the course. 

When designing this collection, we kept all of that in mind. We added performance features like an ultra-lightweight midsole with additional cushioning to keep you relaxed and energized regardless of how long you are on your feet. 

Other performance features include an outsole that has been updated to improve stability and grip, a coating resistant to water and stains, and an updated outsole. However, let’s get into the best Olukai golf shoes. 

What’s the difference between golf shoes and shoes?

The primary distinction between golf shoes and regular shoes lies in the outsole. Golf shoes feature cleats or soft spikes that offer crucial traction on the grass, ensuring stability and preventing slips during the golf swing.

These specialized features are designed to anchor your feet to the turf, facilitating a solid foundation for the rotational forces and pressures involved in a golf swing.

In contrast, regular shoes lack these specific elements, making them less suitable for the unique demands of the golf course. The inclusion of cleats in golf shoes enhances grip, ultimately contributing to improved performance on the links.

Revieving Top 4 Olukai Golf Shoes that You Should Try

OluKai Wai’alae

OluKai Wai'alae

When we involve with the Olukai golf shoe review, this was the experience with OluKai golf shoes, and we can’t say enough good things about them! Style is something that exudes from the OluKai Wai’alae casual golf shoe. 

They, along with the vast majority of others who have had the opportunity to see it, experienced the phenomenon introduced as “love at first sight.” 

The adaptability of casual golf shoes is one of our favourite things about them, and the Wai’alae is no exception to this rule. 

It appears just as natural in the clubhouse as on the course. Because the spikeless traction system provides a slight but effective hold on various surfaces, you may wear them in wet or dry conditions without issue. 

About the rain, the Wai’alae is crafted from high-quality leather, which means it won’t make your feet too hot in the summer and will shield them from the elements in the winter. 

The Olukai Wai’alae golf shoe is one of the most comfortable golf shoes available. It is far beyond expectations, as it has done for most people who wear them. 

For the fashion-conscious, casual golfer who prioritizes comfort and adaptability, we suggest going with the Wai’alae.

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Olukai Kapalua 

Olukai Kapalua 

According to the golf shoe ratings, this is in second place. With the OluKai Kapalua on your feet, you can go from the tee box to the 9th or 18th hole in complete comfort without having to do any prep work. 

You’ll have great control between and during swings, and you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty in the sun’s strong glare. 

An experienced golfer said that this spikeless piece is “nothing short of outstanding,” and it looks just as good as it plays.

The Kapalua is a wonderful asset to our collection of golf shoes without spikes. It has a simple but powerful kick that you didn’t know you needed until now. 

A lot of golfers are shocked by how comfortable the OluKai Kapalua is. From what people have said, the OluKai Kapalua has supercharged surface traction. One of them said, “For a pair without spikes, the grip is very strong.” Another says, “It grips well, even when wet.”

A lot of reviewers say that the Kapalua is incredibly light. One says, “It feels like you’re not wearing shoes.” Also, the Kapalua’s above-average flexibility and almost nonexistent design make it easier to move around, especially when swinging.  

So, in order to Golf shoe reviews, it has been said that the Kapalua, especially in the Poi colorway, is hard to keep clean. Also, its eyelet reinforcements are made of leather, which is said to bleed, giving the laces a strange brownish color.

OluKai Men’s Golf Shoe: Wai‘alae

Aloha Golf

This is one of the best reviewed Golf shoes, and OluKai provides an active comfort spikeless shoe with Aloha Golf that completes the look on and off the course. 

Two pairs of shoes for men and two for women will make up OluKai’s golf line. Each pair was designed using the Wet Sand Principle, a comfort design principle that states that your shoes should mimic the sensation of walking on wet sand with your toes spread apart, your arch supported, and your heel cupped with each step. 

Dual-density polyurethane footbeds that are detachable and washable are included in each shoe, along with multidirectional wet-grip rubber spikeless outsoles. 

OluKai is a popular lifestyle company that promotes the idea that anybody may live in aloha no matter where they are. Products from OluKai include intelligent design features and handmade accents that are inspired by an ocean lifestyle. 

Along with expanding its retail outlets in Hawaii, OluKai is dedicated to collaborating with top-tier merchants that share their unrelenting commitment to quality.


Golf shoes must keep up with the player throughout long treks down the fairway. This low-profile shoe is perfect for the active person in your life because of its high comfort level. Especially golf shoes must keep up with the player throughout long treks down the fairway. 

This low-profile shoe is perfect for the active person in your life because of its high comfort level. They made it with materials resistant to water and stains, and we gave it a brand-new cushioned midsole so that you may wear it comfortably round after round. 

The Kawela is a sporty silhouette for women that incorporates a mesh top that is not only breathable but also resistant to water and includes a mudguard for further protection. 

This golf shoe’s upper has a flexible material that makes it simple to pull on and delivers a high level of stability through the swing.

OluKai Wailea

The luxuriously comfortable OluKai Wailea is a resort that excels in all aspects of life, both on and off the golf course. This athletic kick has all the hallmarks of a fantastic spikeless shoe, but it also has the adaptability to be a fun companion in settings other than the green. 

Even though its stylishness can draw you in, it is the perseverance with which it deals with adverse conditions that will have you going back for more. 

Numerous golfers have said that the OluKai Wailea immediately puts them in a relaxed state upon arrival. One of the comments is that it is “comfortable like my tennis shoes,” and I concur. Another reviewer said it was already exceedingly soft straight out of the package. 

Another golfer has said that it is not necessary to remove them after a round of play. The supporting arch zone of this Hawaiian golf shoe is one of the reasons why female golfers like wearing it. 

One of the reviewers said you could “golf all day” in it. On a golf course with several hills, another player reported feeling highly supported underfoot, which led her to sing the shoe’s praises to the highest possible level. 

The OluKai Wailea’s breathability is commensurate with its remarkable water protection. As you stroll and swing, the accumulated heat may easily dissipate with assistance. 

It has been said that the Wailea might seem a little congested when you first go inside. You will be able to enjoy its snug, form-fitting, and simple-to-put-on-and-take-off constraints in a matter of minutes, thanks to its very short break-in period.

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Who Makes Olukai Shoes?

In contrast to conventional shoes, which are intended for day-to-day use, Olukai’s golf shoes are developed with the sport of golf’s special requirements. 

The Wai’alae golf shoes are made of waterproof leather and include a PU footbed that is anatomically shaped. The Kapalua golf shoe has a thoughtful construction and delivers exceptional support to the foot. It is ideal for walking all 18 holes and swinging a golf club. 

Another excellent pair of golf shoes produced by OluKai is called the Kapalua. Because of its exceptional stability, it is an excellent choice for walking all 18 holes. 

In addition, it is made to provide the user with a sense of stability even while walking. 

A shoe is an excellent option for golfers who are searching for a style that is both laid-back and traditional in appearance.

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Where Are Olukai Shoes Made?

If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of OluKai golf shoes, you have arrived at the perfect location. These shoes are sustainable since the leather used in their construction comes from tanneries dedicated to protecting the natural world. 

In addition to that, the shoes make use of an adhesive that is safe for the environment. Besides, OluKai gives a percentage of its earnings to the Ama OluKai Foundation, a charitable organization operating in Hawaii whose mission is to preserve the ocean and the land. 

The organization recognizes and honors people who endeavor to maintain the aloha spirit.

The sandals and walking shoes sold by OluKai are crafted in Asia and Mexico, and each style is named after a different island. They are constructed with high-quality materials and feature a comfortable fit overall.

The company’s logo is a Makau, a symbol with an island-themed aesthetic that denotes power and good fortune. 

In addition, the footwear is both lightweight and flexible, making it an excellent choice for traveling and other activities that take place on land and water.

Are Olukai Golf Shoes Good?

If you play golf often, you may wonder if OluKai golf shoes are reliable. Despite being more stable and supportive than flip-flops, these athletic-inspired shoes have a similar look to flip-flops. 

Additionally, they boast a dual-density anatomical PU footbed that provides better grip while still being comfortable. 

Golf shoes by OluKai strike the ideal combination between style and utility, and they are made to make you feel like a pro.

These athletic-looking shoes are a wonderful option for golfers who walk and play on various surfaces. Their actual spikes and an ergonomic fit make them perfect for strolling and moving about in golf. 

There is just one width and three color possibilities for these recycled-material sneakers. These golf shoes are an investment that you won’t regret making. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to coordinate your golf shoes with whatever clothing you wear.

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What pros wear Olukai Golf Shoes?

Professional golfers like Hannah Gregg, Reece Alnas, Derek Ernst, Ryan Moore, Mike Weir, Jason Kokrak, Alex Noren, Adrian Meronk, Joost Luiten, and Kristoffer Broberg opt for OluKai golf shoes, valuing the brand’s blend of comfort, performance, and style.

OluKai employs premium materials and innovative technologies, such as the Drop-In Heel® design allowing sock-optional wear and the Wet Grip Rubber® outsole ensuring traction on various surfaces.

Known for their stylish designs, OluKai offers a diverse range of styles, catering to individual preferences. If you seek a golf shoe that combines comfort, high performance, and aesthetics, OluKai stands out as a compelling choice endorsed by these professional players.

Do I really need golf shoes to play golf?

Yes, golf shoes are crucial for a stable and effective golf swing. The pressure and rotational forces, particularly on the front foot, require proper traction. Quality golf shoes, equipped with fresh spikes, anchor you to the turf, preventing slips and ensuring a solid foundation for your swing.

Without them, the risk of losing balance and compromising your form increases, potentially leading to less consistent and accurate shots. Invest in good golf shoes to enhance stability, grip, and overall performance on the course.


Now you may have an idea about the Olukai Golf Shoe review. The shoes are not only comfy, but they also provide additional stability to the wearer. Because the firm has been in business for a considerable time, you can be confident that the shoe you purchase will be of high quality. They are among the most comfortable golf shoes currently on the market.

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