Dynamic Gold X100 Review; By Sportic Media

I saw a lot of players looking for a review of Dynamic Gold X100 on the web, and it encouraged me to take a look at X100, and publish my personal experience for the ones who needed it.

So here is my personal review on X100, and if you have any different thoughts, don’t forget to share those with me in the comment section. 

Is Dynamic Gold X100 good?

Dynamic Gold X100 Review; By Sportic Media

I made the decision to test the Dynamic Gold X100, a shaft that I had been wary of for a while. I never considered that such a firm shaft would be necessary for my swing, but I was dead wrong. Everything has changed since I installed the shafts in my irons. 

The ball’s flight is amazing; it pierces the air without ballooning or spinning excessively. I get a nice little draw when I swing normally, and I can easily flight it up and down. I’ve used enough shafts over the years to be able to recognize when something is right, and this is just great.

I finally understand what people mean when they say a shaft is smooth since the X100s are sensicore and possibly the smoothest feeling shaft I’ve hit thus far. Wow, what a change. If you’re considering trying this shaft, I encourage you to do so—not that it’s at all daunting.

Golf Shaft Comparison | Dynamic Gold X100 vs Project X LS vs KBS Tour C-Taper

What are Dynamic Gold X100 specs?

The following are the simple specs of Dynamic Gold X100, and if you are willing to buy one, then you much check these specs twice to make sure the shaft completely matches your needs. 

  • Flex : X100 flex
  • Tip Size : .355”
  • Launch: Low
  • Shaft length: 39.0”
  • Length: 45.00″
  • Type: Wood

This table shows the specs of every Dynamic Gold shaft. 

ModelLength FlexTipWeightButt
X100 Wood46”X100 .335” 124.600”
S300 Wood 46”S300 .335” 127.600”
R300 Wood46”R300 .335” 125.600”
S400 Wood46”S400 .335” 130.600”
R400 Wood46”R400 .335” 129.600”
S300 Wood .35046”S300 .350”124.600”
R300 Wood .35046”R300 .350”122.600”
X100 Iron41”X100 .370”130.600”
S300 Iron41”S300 .370”130.600”
R300 Iron41”R300 .370”127.600”
S400 Iron41”S400 .370”134.600”
R400 Iron41”R400 .370”131.600”
S300 Taper Iron37”-41”S300 .355”130.600”
R300 Taper iron37”-41”R300 .355”127.600”
Specs of every Dynamic Gold

Are Dynamic Gold X100 shafts stiff?

Both shafts have a varied flex, with the X100 being very stiff and the S300 being stiffer. In general, high-level amateurs and pros are the intended users of “extremely stiff” clubs since they can produce the swing speeds required for this type of stiffness. The “stiff” clubs, meanwhile, are designed for occasional to regular players.

What is the difference in Dynamic Gold shafts?

Dynamic Gold is now available in two varieties: standard and Tour Issue. Aside from the price and the sticker, the only difference is that the Tour Issue shafts are weight sorted, thus your entire set will be the same weight.

While the shaft band is largely decorative, weight tolerances can affect how the club feels overall. The weight sorting tolerance with the regular Dynamic Gold is plus-or-minus two grams per shaft, which doesn’t sound like much.

A professional can detect a difference of plus or minus two grams since Tour players are far more picky about their clubs. True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts are measured to plus-or-minus half a gram, which is the tightest the industry allows for a steel shaft, to keep shaft weights as similar as feasible.

What pros use X100?

Many pros use the X100, and that is also one of the main reasons that it is very popular. 

The top 100 PGA Tour players employ a total of 26 Fujikura driver shafts, including,

  • Justin Thomas, 
  • Jordan Speith,
  • Dustin Johnson, 
  • Rory McIlroy,
  • Scottie Scheffler, and Louis Oosthuizen.
Difference Between Dynamic Gold & Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

Is S300 a stiff shaft?

A Stiff Flex Shaft, the Gold Dynamic S300 is rigid. As the second stiffest shaft available, a stiff shaft is usually a better choice for golfers with faster clubhead speeds. For the following clubhead speeds, a “Stiff” Shaft is recommended: 6-iron: 84 to 91 mph.

Is Wedge flex stiff or regular?

Something that has a wedge flex is often more rigid than regular but not quite as rigid as a stiff shaft. Since a wedge shot is typically a touch heavier than a typical iron flex shot, the wedge flex shaft is used in wedges. The heavier shafts make it easier for players to get the feel and spin necessary to make accurate wedge shots.

What is Dynamic Gold S400 shaft?

For golfers looking with a low, penetrating ball flight for maximum control and accuracy, Dynamic Gold is a tour-weighted shaft. The S200 and S400 irons have slightly differing weights but are otherwise identical to the S300 shafts.

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