Mizuno MP-60 Forgiveness and the Specs Reviewed By Sportic Media

Although the head size is a touch larger than the MP-30, the cut-muscle design’s benefit of forgiving is still there. In addition to having a gorgeous appearance, the hybrid design gives the club a significantly better feel and a bit more forgiveness than the MP-32.

In this article, we discuss almost everything you need to know about the Minuzo MP-60 shaft. This is my honest review of this shaft, and I’m not promoting anything. So I invite you to stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

Mizuno MP-60 shaft specs.

Mizuno MP-60 Forgiveness and the Specs Reviewed.
Mizuno MP-60 Forgiveness and the Specs Reviewed.

The above image shows all the specs of the Mizuno MP-60 shaft. Make sure you are observing the graph very well before purchasing an MP-60.

The Mizuno product development team refined this game-changing technology to now add FORGIVENESS by building upon the award-winning success of Cut Muscle design. 

With the redesigned MP-60 Cut MuscleTM Cavity, performance is still maximized for today’s more violent games. When compared to its excellent Cut Muscle predecessor, the MP-32, the Grain Flow Forged MP-60 is 4% larger and features a 10% larger sweet region. 

The MP-60’s Cut Muscle design accurately aligns the COG in each club for a consistent and predictable ball flight while producing a little higher ball flight in the long irons and a mid trajectory in the scoring irons.

Is Mizuno good for beginners?

Mizuno MP-60 Forgiveness and the Specs Reviewed By Sportic Media

Mizuno is a terrific brand for both novices and experienced runners because it consistently produces some of the most well-liked running shoes on the market. 

The best Mizuno running shoes will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they are the shoes you use for the majority of your training kilometers or the race-day models you wear occasionally each year.

But as we always say, you must rally on what your coach says, because only he knows which shaft is better for you. So do not just read the guides and buy sporting goods spending everything you’ve got. 

Are Mizuno irons hard to hit?

Although Mizuno is a challenging brand, its newest models always come in several irons for different ability levels. 

If you have a high handicap, the Hot Metal range will be in your category, and the MMC ranges will be in the mid handicap level. The JPX line offers a nice compromise between the two.

What is the Mizuno MP-60 handicap range?

Mizuno MP-60 is better for players having low to mid handicap range. These irons are quite easy to hit, and when you do, they fly long distances.

Prior to purchasing these irons, I was using mp33s, which were excellent irons up until I discovered these beauties. To those of you with a handicap of 12 or less, I would recommend.

Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP 60 Irons

Mizuno MP-60 price; How much does it cost?

There are original as well as used Mizuno shafts for sale on online platforms and I’ve found Mizuno-60 shafts in a range of $128-$380, on eBay you will be able to buy them there and the shipping cost will be an additional cost.

Special discussion; What was my experience with Mizuno MP-60?

  • I had contrasted the Mizuno MP 60s with a different Mizuno model and with two other forged irons (Taylor Made and Titleist).
  • I also evaluated the golf shafts, and the fact that this bundle included the shaft I desired (Dynamic Gold SL) convinced me to buy it.
  • The set needed some minor tweaks at a nearby golf repair shop because it did not meet my requirements for loft, lie angle, and length.
  • Despite having a hollow back design, the Mizuno MP 60s are not particularly forgiving.
  • The club feels as smooth as a hot knife through butter when you hit them well.
  • It’s hard to get acclimated to the Dynamic Gold SL shafts.
  • I’m confident that over time, these clubs will be the ideal set for preserving and, ideally, enhancing my game.
  • These clubs have a wonderful appearance.
  • The only drawback I can currently identify with these irons is getting used to the lighter shaft’s feel.
  • I wholeheartedly advise golfers who value a simple, uncomplicated iron to give the Mizuno MP 60 some serious thought.
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What does MP stand for in Mizuno irons?

MP stands for Mizuno Pro. 

What does JPX stand for Mizuno?

Japan Performance Extreme.  It was a moniker created for the Japanese market in an effort to appeal to a distinct market segment with more aggressive, distance-driven, frequently cast irons.
What tour players play Mizuno irons?
Adrien Saddier.
Dan McCarthy.
Fredrik Lindblom.
george bloor.
Bryson Nimmer.
Erik Barnes.
Greyson Sigg.

What is the difference between Mizuno forged and hot metal?

The JPX 921 Tour and JPX 921 Forged can now be differentiated from one another more clearly thanks to the introduction of the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro. 
The Tour is set to be the most compact, the Forged is moving more toward shaping that suits the better player’s eye, and the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro each expand.

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