PXG 0211 Vs 0311 Driver; The Best Comparison By Sportic Media

The 0311 ST GEN4 Blades’ variable blade length is one last point of differentiation. The long irons have a slightly longer blade length and a cavity that increases MOI. The mid-to-short irons have blades that get gradually smaller and a thinner top line that not only appeals to many experienced golfers’ eyes but also helps with shot shaping and feels.

The company’s ultimate goal is to give the 0211 irons the same feel and performance as the 0311 irons at a fraction of the cost. This is one of PXG’s success stories, in my opinion.

This does not imply that 0211 will function flawlessly for every player. The single progressive set of the 0211 can never match the flexibility provided by the four diverse 0311 models. The one progressive set, however, more than makes up for it with its excellent design that is intended to appeal to most players.

So in this article, I will compare the PXG 0211 with PXG 0311 driver, with all the relevant information you need to know. I invite you to stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

What to know about the PXG 0211 driver?

PXG 0211 Vs 0311 Driver; The Best Comparison By Sportic Media

The versatile head design of the PXG 2021 0211 Driver encourages confidence off the tee. Our brand-new PXG 2021 0211 Drivers are so good they’ll knock your hat in a creek thanks to an incredible balance of insane distance, unbelievable forgiveness, and stunning ball speed!

  • Best weighing technology.

For maximum forgiveness, a high trajectory, and a high MOI, it has a single weight port on the sole toward the back of the club head.

  • Adjustable hosel.

To improve the trajectory, the loft (+/-) 112 degrees can be changed by the adjustable hosel.

  • Weight back design. 

A deep center of gravity (CG) position brought about by weight back design results in better launch conditions and an exceptionally high MOI.

What are the key features of 0211?

  • Ideal Balance of Distance 
  • Forgiveness
  • Versatile Head Design
  • Smoking Hot Looks (SHL)
  • Killer Price (KP)
  • Outsanding Feel & Sound
  • Crazy Distance (CD)

What are the specs of the PXG 0211 driver?

  • Lofts– 9°,10.5°,12°
  • Lie– 60°
  • Length (Inches)- 45″
  • Head Mass– 206grams
Which PXG DRIVER should you buy in 2022? 0211 v GEN04 v GEN05

What are the PROS and CONS of the 0211 drivers?


  • Accurate weighing
  • Flexible hosel
  • Strong center of gravity.
  • The face of high MOI and speed.
  • Inserted in honeycomb.
  • For customization, there are many shaft manufacturers.
  • There are numerous PXG 0211 driver shaft choices.


  • Only offered in a completely black finish.
  • Shorter distances.
  • Possible delays in shipping.

What to know about the PXG 0311 driver?

PXG 0211 Vs 0311 Driver; The Best Comparison By Sportic Media

The PXG 0311 GEN5 Driver is pure, designed for unbelievable distance, tight dispersion, and an unbelievable feel. This driver features our most cutting-edge technology to date, a sleek aesthetic, and an explosive sound. This low-spin option, designed for golfers of all skill levels, offers the ideal balance of distance, speed, and forgiveness.

  • Weighing technology.

Two heavy (7.5g) and one light (2.5g) sole weights allow for significant head weight adjustment and trajectory spin and bias fine-tuning.

  • Adjustable hosel.

To improve the trajectory, the PXG’s adjustable hosel can change the loft by 1.5 degrees (+/-).

  • Head design.

A tall, deep face design aids in maximizing ball speed and distance, and the innovative crown features an improved curve to improve aerodynamics.

What are the key features of 0311?

  • Exceptional Distance
  • Incredible Sound & Feel
  • High MOI
  • Low Spin
  • Extremely Fast Ball Speeds
  • Outstanding Forgiveness
  • Optimal Trajectory
  • Tight Dispersion

What are the specs of the PXG 0311 driver?

0311 GEN5

  • Lofts– 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°
  • Lie– 59°
  • Length (Inches)- 45.5″
  • Head Mass(grams)- 203gramsg

0311 XF GEN5

  • Lofts– 9°,10.5°,12°
  • Lie– 59°
  • Length (Inches)- 45.5″
  • Head Mass(grams)- 203gramsg

What are the PROS and CONS of the 0311 drivers?


  • In comparison to earlier models, both 0311 Gen5 drivers offer greater MOI forgiveness.
  • In comparison to earlier models, both 0311 Gen5 drivers offer better shot-shaping potential.
  • Golfers can choose the length of their driver thanks to the adjustable weight set up.


  • Prices can fluctuate.
PXG Gen 5 0311 Driver vs 0211 Driver

PXG 0211 Vs 0311 Driver; My honest comparison.

For a better player, I’d say the 0311 are probably worth the extra $20 per club. There is no turf interaction. Club for the club, the 0211 flies a little bit lower in my opinion, but that is mainly because of the robust lofts.

The gap between clubs on the 0211 is weird and might make you uneasy with the short-game sticks, which is why I’d advise choosing the 0311. You’ll need to buy the set GW and a few more wedges; the PW is, I believe, 42*. 

Compared to an old forged CB, 0311 loft gaps are a little more conventional but slightly stronger. Compared to an outdated forged CB, both will be much more forgiving.

One more thing to think about The 0211 is very soft, very light, and a blast to hit because they have COR2 or whatever they call it inside the heads (like the Gen3). 

Without a doubt, they will be softer than 0311 Gen2. Since the stock length is 1/2 longer than usual, I had to order mine 1/2″ shorter (I usually play standard).

Are PXG drivers good for high handicappers?

The PXG 0211 driver significantly outperforms its price range. It has a ton of contemporary technology, offers lots of forgiveness, and gives you a little bit more range off the tee. It’s the ideal addition to a golfer with a mid-to-high handicap.

Which Pxg driver is the longest?

A beast of many talents, the PXG 0811 X+ Proto driver is one of the longest and most accommodating drivers of 2021.
The PXG 0811 Proto can be set up to focus on lowering spin or on a higher launch and greater forgiveness because of the four-weight sole setup.

Which PXG driver is best for high handicappers?

For high handicappers, a PXG GEN5 0311 XF driver is a fantastic option. One of the best drivers for high handicappers combines a sizable sweet spot, increased distance, and the flexibility to change the perimeter weights.

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