KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300; Comparison By Sportic Media

What is the difference between the KBS Tour 120 and the S300? If we compare the KBS Tour 120 to the S300s, KBS will launch higher and have better dispersion. The S300s are weaker at 5.8, and KBS S is stronger at 6.0.

The S300s would be more comparable to the KBSs at 6.1 if they were hard-stepped once. I probably travel at 105 to 110 mph with my driver on average.

They are both stepped shafts, so they don’t feel all that different. Even though they launch high, KBSs spin a little less, so they are still reasonably good into the wind.

So now you know the significant differences, and in this article, we dig this topic deeper and discuss everything you need to know about these two shafts, helping you choose the better one for playing better golf. Welcome to SporticMedia.

What is the difference between the KBS Tour 120 and the S300?

The KBS Tour 120 and the S300 stand out as two highly sought-after steel iron shafts renowned for their durability, performance, and feel. While both cater to golfers seeking excellence, nuanced differences can guide your choice.

The KBS Tour 120, at 120g, boasts a slightly lighter and softer profile compared to the S300. With a mid-to-low launch and low spin, it facilitates a penetrating ball flight, making it an optimal choice for those aiming to control their trajectory. The crisp and firm feel further appeals to golfers who swing aggressively or contend with excess spin.

In contrast, the S300, weighing 125g, leans towards a heavier and stiffer configuration. Featuring a medium launch and spin, it promotes a higher ball flight with increased spin. This renders it suitable for golfers desiring added height in their shots or requiring enhanced stopping power on the green. The smooth and soft feel contributes to an overall comfortable experience during play.

To summarize:

CharacteristicKBS Tour 120S300
FeelCrisp, firmSmooth, soft
KBS Tour 120 Vs the S300

While these comparisons provide insights, the most accurate choice stems from a professional club fitting. By analyzing your unique swing dynamics, a clubfitter can recommend the ideal shaft to optimize your performance on the course.

What is my experience on KBS Tour 120 Vs. DG S300?

KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300; Comparison By Sportic Media

The KBS 120 and the regular DGS300 have seen a lot of use. Both are excellent shafts, but the weight, feel, and distance are very different for me. I feel much lighter with the KBS 120 shaft than the DGS 300 shaft, and I am longer with it (about half a club). 

The shaft feels the most different based on the weight difference, even though the shaft profile differs. If you’ve demoed a lot of iron shafts and like the KBS 120 shaft, you might also consider the DGS300 120 and Nippon Modus 120 shafts that LSMO mentioned.

What is KBS Tour 120?

KBS Tour120 shaft is designed for golfers who want shot versatility with a mid trajectory, piercing flight, and smooth overall feel. The KBS Tour shaft, which incorporates recognizable KBS technology, maximizes energy transfer within a clever shaft design for better trajectory and shot control.

Price comparison: KBS tour 120 vs. S300.

The KBS tour 120 is around 34$, and the S300 is just around 25$ without the shipping costs. So when we compare the prices, you know the S300 will be a better choice if you are running on a low budget or are just a beginner and still learning golf. 

What are the specs of the KBS Tour 120 shaft?

Several of the best ball-strikers in the world who value feel and workability favor the KBS TOUR shaft on the Tour. The KBS TOUR shaft, which comes in five flexes and weighs between 110g and 130g, is designed to fit a variety of players.

KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300
KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300
KBS Tour VS Project X VS Dynamic Gold | Iron Shafts

What is the DGS300 shaft?

All other shafts are compared to the Dynamic Gold Family, the Gold Standard. Dynamic Gold uses variable wall technology and a step pattern successfully used on the Tour for the best performance for serious golfers. 

This high-flex, tour-weight shaft is made for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for the best possible control and accuracy.

What are the specs of the DGS300 shaft?

  • Weight: 124-137g
  • Flex: S
  • Tip: .355
  • Launch: High
  • Butt: .600″
  • Length: 40.00″ – 36.50″

What flex are S300 shafts?

Anything that weighs more or less than 130 grams is considered to be a lighter (S200) or heavier (S400) version, with S300 serving as the “standard” stiff flex.

What is the difference between Dynamic Gold S200 and S300?

The S300 has a high launch angle, while the S200 has a low one. The primary distinction between these launch angles is that one will increase your height while the other will increase your distance.

What is the lightest KBS shaft?

The KBS TOUR 90, the lightest shaft in the KBS product line, is made for players looking for maximum distance, increased spin, and higher trajectory. 
Due to the 20% lighter weight of the KBS TOUR 90 compared to standard shafts, swing and ball speeds are ultimately accelerated.

What is the heaviest KBS shaft?

There are six distinct models of the KBS Tour steel shaft. The KBS Tour comes in weights and flexes of 110 grams regular, 115 grams regular+, 120 grams stiff, 125 grams stiff+, and 130 grams x-stiff.

Is S200 stiffer than S300?

There only seems to be one flex option available for the S300, which is stiff. If you already use a stiff flex shaft, this won’t be a problem. However, the S300 won’t have the options you’re used to if you’re used to regular or extra stiffness.

What shafts do pros use?

For their drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs, all 100 of the top players on the PGA Tour use graphite shafts. While 21 professionals use steel, 14 of the top 100 golfers use graphite shafts in their utility irons.

Which iron shaft is best for me?

Your swing type will determine which flex rating you use. For instance, those who are just starting or have weaker swings often use a shaft with more flexibility to increase ball propulsion. 
On the other hand, a player who has a quick and powerful swing will need a shaft that is stiffer and less flexible.

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