KBS Tour vs. Dynamic Gold

What is my personal experience on KBS, and Dynamic Gold shafts? I enjoy Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour equally. While the DGs launch low, KBS Tours launch high. Hard stepping them will still give you the KBS feel but with a lower launch and spin if you need to slightly lower the flight with KBS Tours. 

While the KBS Tours hard stepped still launches a little bit higher than the Dynamic Golds, it is a significant improvement over the KBS straight-in. Though overall profiles are still very different, keep in mind that sometimes a shaft just depends on how it is loaded to function (or not).

I can say that during my fitting, I preferred the feel of KBS and DG over PX, etc. But after playing for two years, I can frankly say that I need to return to DG.

 I need to swing with KBS as smoothly as I can because I can feel my tempo slipping. With my KBS, I’ve discovered that toe misses are the most frequent. Due to my inability to afford the cost of a new set at this time, I am returning to DG in the same heads via resift.

This was my personal experience on these two shafts, and in this article, we discuss and compare the Dynamic Gold and the KBS shafts with all the relevant technical information. So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

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KBS Tour Shafts Specs.

Kim Braly’s trademark shaft, the KBS TOUR, is excellent for players looking for mid-trajectory and shot versatility. The KBS TOUR, which incorporates distinctive KBS technology, maximizes energy transfer for better shot control. Several of the best golfers in the world favor the KBS TOUR because it has a responsive, smooth feel.

  • Tip diameter of 370″.
  • In comparison to Dynamic Gold, 5% less spin.
  • The trajectory is 5% lower than Dynamic Gold.
  • 5% longer distance than Dynamic Gold.
KBS Tour Shafts Specs.
KBS Tour Shafts Specs.
KBS Tour Shafts Specs.
KBS Tour Shafts Specs.
Different KBS shaft specifications.
Different KBS shaft specifications.

How stiff is KBS TOUR?

The KBS Tour, in my opinion, has the most “neutral” feeling of the KBS lineup. In fact, the Tour feels incredibly slick and comfortable in the hands. The Tour is almost certainly forgiving of your hands if you miss a shot, I would almost say. The Tour seems to absorb the blow more than a typical steel shaft, which could cause some minor discomfort.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. Project X6.5; Honest comparison.

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Dynamic Gold shaft specs.

All other iron shafts are compared to Dynamic Gold, which serves as the industry benchmark. To enhance the performance of serious golfers, Dynamic Gold uses Variable Wall Technology and a step pattern that has been successfully used on the tour.

This tour-weight, high-flex steel golf shaft is made for proficient players who want a low, penetrating ball flight for the best possible control and accuracy.

TT lite
New Dynamic Gold TI Onix
Dynamic Gold Tour Issue
Dynamic Gold Spinner wedge Specs
Dynamic Gold SL specs.
Full Dynamic Gold Specs
DG Dynalite Gold XP specs
DG Dynalite Gold XP specs
DG XP125 specs
DG Dynalite specs
DG pro specs
DG pro specs
DG XP125 specs
DG XP125 specs
DG XP105 specs
DG XP105 specs

Which Dynamic Gold shaft is stiff?

Having a weight of 134 grams, the True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 golf shaft is a stiff shaft. The S400 can be found in golf clubs from Ping, Titleist, Callaway, and other manufacturers in a Tour Issue Dynamic Gold version. The S400 is made for players who swing more quickly and desire a lower launch.

Which Dynamic Gold shaft is best?

The most successful golf shaft in history, Dynamic Gold is the benchmark against which all other shafts are measured. Every golfer can use Dynamic Gold, as it is offered in a variety of weight options. The shaft in the True Temper family that is the lightest and most flexible is called Dynamic Gold 95.

KBS Tour vs. Dynamic Gold; Comparison.

FeatureKBS TourDynamic Gold
PriceKBS costs anywhere between $22 and $39 more than Dynamic Gold.
This means that Dynamic Gold is probably a better brand for you if you are a more budget-conscious consumer.
Despite having fewer products overall, they have a wider price range than KBS.
Fewer costs than the KBS tour.
MaterialThese two brands both provide steel shaft options. However, KBS also provides options for graphite.
The material will matter depending on which club you are purchasing the golf shaft for.
A golf shaft can be constructed from a very limited number of materials. KBS and Dynamic Gold, however, provide various choices. This might have an effect on how you decide between them.
KBS Tour vs. Dynamic Gold


I experience the DG as being stiffer and the KBS as having a stronger kick. The shafts I currently own are DG XP S300, which are, in my opinion, somewhere in the middle, feeling slightly stiffer than KBS but not quite as stiff as the DG. 

The KBS shafts might be a terrible fit for you but a good fit for someone else; it all depends on what works and feels the best to you. Just because they cost more and are considered a “upgrade” doesn’t mean they are any better. If a custom fit is not an option, I recommend hitting both shafts to determine which one you prefer, assuming you can tell the difference.

I also observed that the shafts come with various iron heads, which may affect feel and shot outcomes because they have various characteristics.

What is the lightest KBS shaft?

The KBS TOUR 90, the lightest shaft in the KBS product line, is made for players looking for maximum distance, increased spin, and higher trajectory. Due to the 20% lighter weight of the KBS TOUR 90 compared to standard shafts, swing and ball speeds are ultimately accelerated.

How Heavy Are Dynamic Gold Shafts?

Because Dynamic Gold is a weight-sorted product and weights can vary slightly during production, the standard stiff flex is divided into three sub-flexes: S200 (127 grams), S300 (130 grams), and S400 (134 grams).

What Is The Difference Between Dynamic Gold S200 And S300?

The S300 has fewer flex options than the S200, which is one of the main differences between the two models. However, there are more weight options with the S300. The S300 has a high launch angle, while the S200 has a low one.

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