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Play the Top Flite 2020 Hammer Control Golf Balls to hit colossal drives and surgical strikes. Hammer Control Golf Balls provide golfers with a dynamic pair of massive distance and greenside control. They are designed to hit outrageously long with a soft feel. 

In order to maximize lift and distance on long shots while also unlocking superior greenside control and improved touch, the soft, Ionomer cover has Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics. For superior performance, a larger, high-speed core construction enables softer compression.

What is the top Flight Hammer?

Top Flite Hammer Control

These golf balls are made for making huge swings. It can withstand strong drives as well. It has a potent combination of long-range shooting and powerful strikes, which adds to its uniqueness.

It is intended to make the player feel soft while still enabling them to hit the golf ball with unrestrained ferocity. It is associated with adequate control of the greenside and is capable of traveling a great distance.

The aerodynamics of the ionomer cover’s dimple in dimple is related to the golf ball. The golf ball can maximize lift and travel a long distance thanks to this feature. The player is capable of taking long shots.

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What are the specs of the top Flight Hammer golf ball?

  • Wedge Spin – High
  • Durability – High
  • Construction – 2 Layers
  • Distance – High
  • Cover – Soft, Thin Ionomer
  • Feel – Softer
  • Designed to give golfers of all swing speeds the greatest distance possible through faster balls.
  • A thin ionomer cover makes the product feel softer while increasing durability.
  • Softer compression is optimized for increased ball speeds and distance off the tee by a larger, high-speed core construction.
  • Aerodynamics between the dimples aid in maintaining lift to produce the most carry and distance.
  • Improved ball flight and distance thanks to 2-piece construction.
  • 15 Pack.

What compression is top flight golf balls?

It is said to have an 85 compression. The Titleist Velocity is the closest comparable in the ionomer space, with an average reading of 79 on our gauge.

What is the softest Top Flite golf ball?

With a compression rating of 90, the Top Flite XL has the softest feel of any Top Flite ball.

Top Flite Hammer Control Golf Ball Review
Top Flite Hammer Control Golf Ball Review

Top Flite Hammer Control Reviews.

  • In order to make the golf ball soft, the aerodynamics of the dimple in the dimple on the ionomer cover were developed.
  • It spins better than a top flite bomb and has good durability even for swings over 100 mph.
  • It is built with an aerodynamic feature to increase the long shot distance and lift of the golf ball.
  • Although it covers long shots, a top flite bomb, which promises to travel farther than 11 yards, was designed to do so.
  • Making dynamic distance and having good control of the greenside are advantageous to the player. It promotes long ball flights and high ball speeds.
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Do Top Flite balls go far? (top flite hammer distance review)

The Top Flite XL Distance, an established player in the distance market, keeps customers happy with its length and price. The Good: Each ball costs just over $1 and travels a great distance.

Get used to playing a more “bump and run” style of game rather than expecting to hit an approach shot and have the ball spin backwards. This bad boy was given the nickname “Rockflite” for a reason. It appears as though a rock was just teed up and sent flying straight and true.

What are the best top-flight golf balls?

There is a golf ball out there that has the characteristics you’re looking for, whether you want faster ball speeds, a straighter flight, or a higher launch. What is the best ball for you given the wide range of options available? We’ll examine Top Flite, a well-known golf ball manufacturer with a successful track record.

  • Top Flite Gamer Tour Golf Balls.
  • Top Flite Bomb Explosion Golf Balls.
  • Top Flite D2+ Distance Golf Balls.
  • Top Flite D2+ Diva Golf Balls.
  • Top-Flite XL7000 Golf Balls.
  • Top-Flite Gamer Soft Golf Balls.
  • Top Flite XL Distance Golf Balls.

What was my experience?

Last Saturday, I played the Top Flite Hammer Control, and I was pleasantly surprised. With this ball, distance was a given, but it also behaves well on the green, especially on well-hit chips. It rolls a few feet after a good check. 

It does a good job of landing on the green, checking up, and not bolting away from approach shots 150 and in. Feels good while using the putter because distance control wasn’t an issue. It’s not too difficult to take the two boxes for $30. I’m going to stock up.

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Top Flite Golf Balls - Why golfers play this golf ball
Top Flite Golf Balls – Why golfers play this golf ball


Play the Top Flite 2020 Hammer Distance Golf Balls and rip it off the tee. Hammer Distance Golf Balls, designed for golfers of all swing speeds, give players maximum distance through faster ball speed. To maximize lift and distance on long shots, the Ionomer cover has Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics, which also unlocks softer feel and improved durability. For superior performance, a larger, high-speed core construction enables softer compression.

What is the closest ball to a Pro V1?

Bridgestone Tour B XS is the ball that resembles the Pro V1 the most. Although not all of the aforementioned balls are exactly the same as the Pro V1, they should all function in a similar manner. The majority of them are designed for faster swing speeds, have close compression ratings, and all have a good amount of wedge spin.

What golf ball should I use with a 80 mph swing speed?

If the average driver swing speed is less than 83 mph, it is considered to be slower. Therefore, a low-compression golf ball should be used for anything below this speed. The TaylorMade Distance + is therefore the best golf ball for 80 mph swing speeds in 2022.

What ball should a 20 handicap use?

The Bridgestone e12 is the ideal golf ball for players with a 15-20 handicap. The e12 provides consistent length in your long game and better feel and control in your short game. It also promotes a straighter ball flight to keep you in the game.

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