Newport 2 Vs 2.5

What are the key differences between Newport 2 and Newport 2.5? They were the same for me while on the course as well. I took both to the putting green and alternated between the two for an hour while rolling putts. Putts that are short, long, straight, and breaking. Once more, it came down to appearance.

Newport 2 features a full shaft of offset and a conventional plumbers neck. The 3/4 shaft offset Newport 2.5 has a flow neck or slant neck. Compared to the 2, the 2.5 will have more toe hang.

In this article, I compare Newport 2 with Newport 2.5 with all the relevant information you need to know. So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

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What are the specs of Newport 2?

Newport 2 Vs 2.5; Must Read Comparison.

Rarely is a classic model, like the Newport 2 putter, given a thorough redesign. Instead, it might experience significant yet subtle changes to raise the bar and advance it to the logical next level of performance and design. 

Scotty improved the topline radius milling to give it a slightly thinner appearance from the address while maintaining its reputation for having an angular, mechanical profile. 

Additionally, he refined the plumbing neck’s dimensions, angles, and edges for a neater, squarer appearance from the front. For a fresh, race-inspired look, updated graphics bring the Select line’s iconic three-red dot theme to the face and sole.

The following are the specs of the Newport 2, 

  • Loft 3.5º
  • Lie 70º
  • Offset Full Shaft.
  • Grip Matador Midsize 11″
  • Length 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Weights 2 x 20 grams (33″) 2 x 15 grams (34″) 2 x 10 grams (35″
  • Head Material 303 Stainless Steel.

Is Newport 2 Face balanced?

The renowned Newport 2 blade has a mid-milled face pattern and a flatter, narrower topline. It also has a redesigned plumbing neck, performance-balanced tungsten sole weights for a bigger sweet spot and improved stability, and a soft tri-sole design for a simple setup.

Does Scotty Cameron toe-hang New port 2?

In 1997, the Newport 2 was a brand-new addition. It has a head that is heel/toe weighted and has a more angular, mechanical appearance. 

The Newport and 1/4 toe hang both produce the same toe flow, but at the address, the putters are noticeably different.

Is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 worth it?

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is said to have good weight, balance, and feel. Because of the higher price and established reputation, you can expect top-notch quality. 

The majority of golfers now associate Scotty Cameron with high-caliber putters. This putter gained even more notoriety thanks to Tiger Woods and his use of it.

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What are the specs of Newport 2.5?

Newport 2 Vs 2.5; Must Read Comparison.

The Special Select Newport 2.5 is built with the same Tour-inspired precision-milled mechanical lines as its Newport 2 counterpart. It has a small slant neck that is set up to offer a 3/4 shaft offset with a view-enhancing setup that improves toe flow. 

This model continues the design evolution with improvements made to every aspect, including the insert-free, solid stainless steel putter head that was milled in the USA. The Special Select Newport 2.5 incorporates the line’s mid-milled face pattern and elegant Tour-inspired “cherry rings” reminiscent of legendary title-taking models. 

It also has a flatter, narrower topline, tungsten sole weights for a larger sweet spot, and soft tri-sole milling for an effortless setup.

The following are the specs of Newport 2.5,

  • Loft 3.5º
  • Lie 70º
  • Offset 3/4 Shaft.
  • Length 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Weights 2 x 40 grams (33″) 2 x 35 grams (34″) 2 x 30 grams (35″)
  • Head Material 303 stainless steel.
  • Grip Pistolini Plus.

What year did Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 come out?

The Studio Design 2.5 has a pocket and a rounded flanged blade that was first introduced in 2002. This provides a clear view of the ball and is designed for players who demand accurate feel and feedback.

What are the best features of Newport 2.5?

  • The player benefits from a self-soling feature at the address for proper setup and a stable, aesthetically pleasing view of the topline from the moment the putter has placed on the green thanks to the Tour-inspired soft tri-sole design.
  • The small slant neck has been reshaped and re-engineered with a slight layback and a seamless shaft-over setup for an uninterrupted view of the ball from the address with almost one shaft of offset in a design that promotes some toe flow.
  • Every Scotty Cameron Special Select model is milled in the United States from a solid block of 303 stainless steel, given a mid-milled face pattern, and hand-finished for a superior feel and pure performance with the goal of producing the finest milled putters possible.

Newport 2 Vs 2.5: Final Words.

Newport 2Newport 2.5
The Newport 2 is a putter in the Anser-2 style, which means it has square lines, a thinner topline, and a hollowed-out cavity in the back.
For players who hit off the sweet spot rather than the toe or heel, the putter feel varies depending on the ball.
The Newport 2 and this putter have similar profiles. 
The Newport 2.5 has a slanted neck, a bigger sweet spot, and more forgiveness than the other putter, which makes up the main distinction between them.
Newport 2 Vs 2.5

Your putter should be more face-balanced, like the Newport 2, if your putting stroke is more straight back and through. (It is more so than the 2.5, but it is not face-balanced) The 2.5 is likely preferable if you use a stroke with a prominent arc. 

In general, golfers who stand taller when they putt tend to arc more than those who bend more at the waist, presuming the stroke is made more with the shoulders and less with the wrists, arms, or hands.

What’s The Difference Between Newport 2 And Newport?

The look-at address is the key distinction between Newport and Newport 2 putters: Newport putters have smoother lines, while the rear bumpers and edges of the Newport 2 putter are sharper for players who like a mechanical look.

Does Scotty Cameron Toe-Hang Newport 2?

In 1997, the Newport 2 was a brand-new addition. It has a head that is heel/toe weighted and has a more angular, mechanical appearance. 
The Newport and 1/4 toe hang both produce the same toe flow, but at the address, the putters are noticeably different.

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