Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft Review; A Review By A Pro Golfer

As a professional golfer with years of experience on the course, I’ve had the privilege of testing and evaluating a wide range of golf equipment. Today, I’m excited to share my insights on the Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft, a high-performance golf shaft that has caught the attention of players seeking that perfect balance of launch and spin.

Join me as I take you through the key features, performance characteristics, and my personal take on how it stacks up on the course.

What was my experience with Alta CB 55 Slate Graphite?

What was my experience with Alta CB 55 Slate Graphite?

I recently had the chance to demo the Ping Alta CB Slate shaft, and I must say I was quite impressed. In comparison to Ping’s other stock shaft options, it stood out as a top choice for me. What I particularly liked about it was the unique feel it provided during my swings.

It seemed to have a mid-hinge and kick feel, which gave my shots a different character. Unlike some other shafts, it launched the ball lower for me, which I found beneficial for my game. Currently, I have the 65X version of this shaft in my G425 LST 3 wood, and I’ve been enjoying its performance as well.

Regarding the Ventus shafts, it’s essential to be cautious with the selection. If you’re considering the Ventus, you’ll most likely want to go with a 5X or 6X, as there isn’t a 55X option. The Ventus lineup offers different variations, such as Red, Blue, Black, and TR, all equipped with VeloCore technology. It’s worth noting that none of these options are inherently better or worse than the others; the choice ultimately depends on how well they match your swing characteristics.

One aspect to remember, especially with Ping’s driver heads, is the swing weight. Many Ventus shafts are not counterbalanced, which can potentially impact your club’s swing weight. So, it’s crucial to work closely with a professional club fitter to ensure that you achieve the right balance and feel for your driver setup.

Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft Review

Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft Review

01. Feel

Responsive and Soft: The shaft provides a responsive and soft feel. Golfers who prefer a more flexible shaft will appreciate the feedback and responsiveness it offers.

Consistent Flex Profile: The shaft maintains a consistent flex profile throughout, ensuring a smooth and predictable swing. This helps golfers maintain control over their shots.

02. Shaft Design

Material: The shaft is constructed from lightweight graphite, which allows for easy and efficient swinging.

Mid-Kick Point: This feature means that the shaft flexes more towards the middle, promoting a higher launch angle. It’s beneficial for golfers who need help getting the ball in the air, especially off the tee.

Low Torque Rating: The low torque rating indicates minimal twisting during the swing, reducing spin. This is advantageous as lower spin typically results in longer and more accurate shots.

Counter-Balanced Weighting System: By moving the balance point closer to the hands, this system enhances control and stability, making it easier for golfers to maintain consistency in their swings.

03. Performance

High Launch, Low Spin: The Ping Alta CB 55 Slate shaft is engineered to deliver a high launch angle with low spin. This combination helps maximize distance and accuracy off the tee or fairway, making it ideal for golfers aiming to achieve longer, straighter shots.

Suitable for Moderate to High Swing Speeds: Golfers with moderate to high swing speeds benefit the most from this shaft, as it’s designed to optimize their performance characteristics. It helps golfers with slower swing speeds get the ball up, and those with faster swings control spin.

04. Appearance

Sleek and Traditional: The shaft features a sleek matte black finish with a subtle Ping logo near the grip. This understated appearance appeals to golfers who prefer a more classic and timeless look in their equipment.

05. Shaft Options

Flex and Weight Customization: The Ping Alta CB 55 Slate shaft is available in various flex options, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff. It also provides a range of weights, allowing golfers to fine-tune the shaft to their unique swing characteristics and preferences. This level of customization is valuable for optimizing performance.

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06. Technology

Counter-Balanced Weighting: The counter-balanced weighting system is a standout technology, offering more control and stability during the swing. This technology, combined with the mid-kick point and low torque rating, contributes to the shaft’s ability to deliver high launch and low spin, resulting in more desirable ball flight characteristics.

In summary, the Ping Alta CB 55 Slate shaft is a well-designed, versatile golf shaft that caters to a wide range of golfers. Its design elements and advanced technologies work together to promote high launch, low spin, control, and stability. Additionally, the customization options allow golfers to fine-tune the shaft to their specific needs, making it a valuable addition to their golf equipment.

Pros and cons

The Ping Alta CB 55 Slate is a versatile graphite driver shaft designed for golfers seeking a high launch with low spin. It offers a range of flex options (Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff) and weight choices (53g, 55g, 59g, 63g), allowing for customization to match individual swing characteristics. The counter-balanced weighting system enhances stability and control, making it easier to achieve consistent, accurate shots.

However, its premium price may deter budget-conscious golfers, and compatibility with non-Ping clubs can vary, requiring professional club fitting. Additionally, the counter-balanced design may necessitate adjustments to achieve the desired swing weight, potentially adding complexity to club setup.

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Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft specs

Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Shaft specs

Here’s a table summarizing the Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Graphite Driver Shaft options with their associated flex, weight, and launch characteristics:

FlexWeight (grams)Launch Characteristics
Soft Regular55gHigh Launch
Regular57gMid/High Launch
Stiff60gMid Launch
X-Stiff64gLow Launch
CB 55 Slate Shaft specs
Shaft ProfileRaw Length (inches)Mid Section Diameter (mm)Butt Section Diameter (mm)Tip Section Diameter (mm)
CB Slate 554616.216.39.1
CB Slate 574616.216.39.1
CB Slate 604616.216.39.1
CB Slate 504616.216.39.1
CB Slate 454616.216.39.1
CB 55 Slate Shaft order

These options provide golfers with a clear understanding of the available choices and their respective characteristics to help them select the shaft that best suits their swing and playing style.

The Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Graphite Driver Shaft, a premium golf club component that comes complete with a G425/G410 adapter and a comfortable 360 Tour Velvet grip (.335 size). Crafted with excellence, this shaft is an original Ping offering, assuring you of top-notch quality.

A notable feature to keep in mind is that the grips accompanying these shafts do not include an Arccos cap on the grip nor an attachment screw. This is essential information for those who appreciate such details.

When you acquire this shaft, you’re investing in a men’s standard length, perfect when paired with matching Ping club heads. The shaft, along with the adapter and grip, measures approximately 44 3/4 inches, accounting for the tip length. Without the tip, it’s about 44 1/4 inches.

However, the real magic happens when you install this shaft onto your club head. The club head itself adds about an inch to the length, resulting in the factory-standard length of 45 3/4 inches. This carefully calibrated length is designed to optimize your performance on the golf course.

Notably, Ping’s adaptability shines through as you can use a right-hand adapter in a left-hand club. It’s important to remember that adjustments will be the opposite of what you might expect. For example, a plus one-degree adjustment with the “wrong” adapter will actually adjust the loft angle negatively by one degree.

Furthermore, customization is available for those who seek it. Simply email your specific requirements, and we can provide you with a quote for the customization in terms of both time and cost. If the work is done at Ping, you can expect an average turnaround time of 1-3 weeks. However, if we have the shaft in stock and can do the work here, the turnaround time is usually a swift 1-2 days.

In summary, the Ping Alta CB 55 Slate Graphite Driver Shaft is more than just a golf club component. It’s a meticulously crafted piece of equipment designed to enhance your performance on the golf course. With Ping’s renowned quality and flexibility, this shaft is a versatile choice for golfers seeking the perfect fit for their game.

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Comparing with some other models

Alta CB 55 slate shaft vs Tensei Orange

The choice between the Alta CB 55 Slate shaft and the Tensei Orange shaft hinges on your unique golfing needs. The Alta CB 55 Slate offers stability with its mid launch angle and mid spin, making it ideal if you seek a smooth and controlled experience.

On the other hand, the Tensei Orange, with its more powerful and dynamic nature, suits those craving mid-high launch and mid-low spin for added distance. Consider your swing style, preferences, and playing goals when making your decision. Ultimately, the right choice ensures your golf club complements your game, improving both forgiveness and distance off the tee.

Alta CB 55 slate shaft vs Ping Tour 173-65

Choosing between the Alta CB 55 Slate shaft and the Ping Tour 173-65 shaft can significantly impact your golfing performance. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to understand the key differences between these two popular options.

Flex: Both shafts offer flexibility choices, including regular (R), stiff (S), and extra stiff (X), ensuring adaptability to your swing style.

Weight: The Alta CB 55 Slate weighs 55 grams, making it a lighter option than the Ping Tour 173-65, which comes in at 65 grams. Weight influences swing dynamics, affecting speed and control.

Torque: The Alta CB 55 Slate has a mid-torque rating, while the Ping Tour 173-65 boasts low torque. Torque impacts how much the shaft twists during your swing, affecting shot accuracy.

Launch Angle: If you seek a mid-launch, the Alta CB 55 Slate delivers, whereas the Ping Tour 173-65 provides a mid-high launch, offering versatility based on your desired ball flight.

Spin: While the Alta CB 55 Slate provides mid-spin, the Ping Tour 173-65 delivers mid-low spin. Spin directly influences distance and control off the tee.

Overall Feel: The Alta CB 55 Slate offers a smooth and stable experience, suitable for those desiring control. Conversely, the Ping Tour 173-65 provides a more dynamic and powerful feel, catering to golfers seeking extra distance.

It’s advisable to undergo a professional fitting to determine the perfect shaft. A qualified golf expert can assess your swing characteristics and recommend the ideal shaft, ensuring a seamless match for your driver, fairway woods, or hybrids. Ultimately, your choice should align with your unique playing style and goals, enhancing both forgiveness and distance for a more satisfying golfing experience.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

CharacteristicAlta CB 55 SlatePing Tour 173-65
FlexR, S, XR, S, X
Weight (grams)5565
Launch AngleMidMid-high
Overall FeelSmooth & StablePowerful & Dynamic
Alta CB 55 slate shaft vs Ping Tour 173-65

Remember, the right shaft can make a substantial difference in your golf game, so investing in the right fit is key.

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