Ping PLD Vs. Scotty Cameron - Comparing Two Titans of the Putter World

When it comes to golf putters, two names stand out among the rest – Ping PLD and Scotty Cameron. Both putters are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and performance. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details that set these two legends apart, exploring their design, feel, customization options, and pricing.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newbie looking to invest in a high-quality putter, understanding the differences between the Ping PLD and Scotty Cameron will guide you in making the right choice for your game.

What is PLD in golf?

Ping PLD Vs. Scotty Cameron
Ping PLD Vs. Scotty Cameron

In golf, PLD stands for “Putting Lab Design.” PLD refers to Ping’s custom putter fitting process that takes place in their state-of-the-art Putting Lab. During a PLD fitting, golfers undergo a comprehensive analysis of their putting stroke, allowing Ping experts to tailor a putter with specific specifications to match the golfer’s stroke and preferences. 

This personalized approach aims to enhance a golfer’s putting performance and consistency on the greens, ensuring the putter is optimally suited to their unique putting style.

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What is the difference between Ping PLD vs Scotty Cameron?

When comparing Ping PLD putters to Scotty Cameron putters, several key differences are evident in their design, performance, customization, and overall appeal among golfers.

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Ping PLD: These putters are known for their modern designs, incorporating advanced materials and technologies. They often feature a sleek look and offer customization options to personalize the putter to individual preferences.
  • Scotty Cameron: Celebrated for classic and timeless designs, Scotty Cameron putters are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring traditional shapes and elegant finishes. They provide extensive customization options, allowing for a personalized golfing experience.


  • Ping PLD: These putters focus on stability and forgiveness, suitable for a wide range of skill levels. They have a milled face for consistent ball speed and integrated advanced alignment aids for accuracy.
  • Scotty Cameron: Renowned for exceptional feel and feedback, these putters offer a softer, more responsive feel at impact. They are favored by professionals for precision and control on the greens.

Price Range:

  • Ping PLD: Typically priced in the mid to high range, reflecting their quality and performance.
  • Scotty Cameron: Regarded as some of the most expensive putters on the market, often reaching the upper echelon in terms of pricing.

Popularity Among Professional Golfers:

  • Ping PLD: Gaining popularity among professionals, but not as commonly seen on tours as Scotty Cameron putters.
  • Scotty Cameron: Have a strong presence on professional tours worldwide, with many top-ranked players using them.

Custom Fitting and Availability:

  • Ping PLD: Offers custom fitting options and available through authorized Ping retailers and custom fitting centers.
  • Scotty Cameron: Provides a wide range of customization options, available in exclusive Titleist golf shops and select retail outlets.

Technology and Innovation:

  • Ping PLD: Known for incorporating cutting-edge technology, with features like adjustable weighting systems and multi-material construction.
  • Scotty Cameron: Balances traditional designs with innovative technologies, like high-MOI designs and advanced face milling for improved roll and consistency.

Feel and Feedback:

  • Ping PLD: Typically offer a firmer feel at impact, suitable for golfers who prefer a solid response.
  • Scotty Cameron: Celebrated for their soft and responsive feel, providing a sense of touch and control.

Aftermarket Resale Value:

  • Ping PLD: Hold value well but may not command the same premium resale prices as some Scotty Cameron models.
  • Scotty Cameron: Strong demand in the aftermarket, with certain limited-edition or classic models appreciating in value over time.

Model Range and Varieties:

  • Ping PLD: Offers a diverse range of models including mallets, blades, and mid-mallet designs.
  • Scotty Cameron: Boasts a wide array of models including iconic ones like the Newport and Select series, with limited-edition and collector’s models.

In conclusion, the choice between Ping PLD and Scotty Cameron putters comes down to personal preference, style of play, and budget. Both brands offer exceptional quality and performance, each with its unique features and strengths.

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Ping PLD Anser 2 Vs. Scotty Cameron Newport; Full Comparison

Here’s a detailed comparison table between the Ping PLD Anser 2 and Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putters:

FeaturePing PLD Anser 2Scotty Cameron Newport 2
ConstructionMilled from high-quality stainless steelMilled from high-quality stainless steel
FeelSlightly softer feel due to traditional milling patternFirmer feel with aggressive milling pattern
SoundQuieter sound at impactSlightly louder sound at impact
Head ShapeClassic blade design with rounded head shapeClassic blade design with angular head shape
Topline ThicknessThicker toplineThinner topline
CustomizationLimited customization optionsExtensive customization options
Grip OptionsLimited to one standard grip optionMultiple grip options available
Head WeightsLimited to one standard head weightVarious head weights available
AlignmentSimple alignment aidsModern alignment aids
Price RangeAround $300Around $400
Ping PLD Anser 2 Vs Scotty Cameron Newport

Construction: Both putters are milled from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring precision craftsmanship and excellent performance.

Feel and Sound: The Ping PLD Anser 2 provides a slightly softer feel due to its traditional milling pattern, resulting in a quieter sound at impact. In contrast, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 offers a firmer feel with its aggressive milling pattern, leading to a slightly louder sound upon striking the ball.

Head Shape and Topline Thickness: The Ping PLD Anser 2 features a classic blade design with a rounded head shape and a thicker topline, providing a more traditional look and feel. The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 also sports a classic blade design but with an angular head shape and a thinner topline, offering a modern twist.

Customization: The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 boasts extensive customization options, including multiple grip choices and various head weights, allowing golfers to tailor the putter to their preferences. In contrast, the Ping PLD Anser 2 provides more limited customization options.

Alignment: While both putters offer alignment aids to assist with aiming, their designs differ. The Ping PLD Anser 2 offers straightforward alignment aids, while the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 features more modern alignment features.

Price Range: The Ping PLD Anser 2 is generally priced around $300, making it a more affordable option. On the other hand, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is priced at around $400, reflecting its premium craftsmanship and additional customization features.

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In the battle of the putters, the Ping PLD and Scotty Cameron emerge as two giants, each offering distinct characteristics and advantages. Deciding between them depends on your personal preferences, style of play, and budget. The Ping PLD impresses with its solid feel and classic design, while the Scotty Cameron tantalizes golfers with a vast array of customization options. Whatever your choice, both putters promise to elevate your putting experience to new heights, unlocking your true potential on the greens. Happy putting!

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