LA Golf Putter Shaft Review: Enhancing Your Putting Game

The golfing world constantly evolves with innovative equipment designed to enhance player performance. LA Golf Shafts (LAGP) is at the forefront of this innovation, especially in putter shafts.

Their TPZ putter shafts, used by renowned names on the PGA Tour, including Bryson DeChambeau, have sparked interest among professionals and recreational players. This comprehensive review explores the features, performance, and overall impact of the LAGP TPZ putter shafts.

What are LAGP TPZ Putter Shafts?

LAGP has quickly made a name for itself on the PGA Tour as a relatively new entrant in the golf equipment industry. Their focus on putter shafts, particularly the TPZ line, has gained traction among top players.

The collaboration with SWAG Golf for this review allowed for an in-depth analysis of these shafts, comparing them head-to-head with traditional options.

LA Golf Putter Shaft
LA Golf Putter Shaft

What are LA golf putter shaft specs?

Here is a detailed table showcasing the specifications of the most popular LA Golf putter shafts:

ShaftFlexTorqueWeight (g)Tip Size (in)Lengths (in)
P-SeriesExtra StiffLow139.37032″, 33″, 34″, 35″
TPZ One35 Straight SteplessExtra StiffExtremely Low139.35532″, 33″, 34″, 35″
SoHoStiffLow142.35532″, 33″, 34″, 35″
LA golf putter shaft specs

Understanding the Table:

  • Flex: The ‘Extra Stiff’ flex in the P-Series and TPZ One35, and the ‘Stiff’ flex in the SoHo, indicate that these shafts are designed for players who have a more forceful putting stroke, requiring less flex for optimal control.
  • Torque: The torque rating varies from ‘Low’ to ‘Extremely Low’. Lower torque translates to less twisting during the putting stroke, thus offering greater stability and accuracy.
  • Weight: The weights range from 139g to 142g. These heavier weights in putter shafts contribute to a smoother stroke and better balance, especially beneficial for players who prefer a weightier feel.
  • Tip Size: Tip sizes are available in .370″ and .355″, ensuring compatibility with a variety of putter heads, particularly those with plumbers neck (or similar) hosels.
  • Lengths: Available lengths of 32″, 33″, 34″, and 35″ cater to a wide range of player heights and putting postures, allowing for a more customized fit.

These specifications highlight LA Golf’s commitment to providing a range of options to suit different playing styles and preferences, ensuring that golfers can find a putter shaft that complements their game. The variety in flex, torque, weight, and lengths makes these shafts adaptable for a diverse group of golfers, from amateurs to seasoned professionals.


What Does the LAGP TPZ Putter Shaft Look Like?

The TPZ putter shafts make a bold statement with their design. The prominent “LAGOLF” branding and the signature red LAGP logo near the handle ensure these shafts stand out.

They are available in white and black, with white being the more popular choice for its distinctive look. This aesthetic choice is not just about performance but also about making a statement on the green.

LA Golf Putter Shaft
LA Golf Putter Shaft

How Does the LAGP TPZ Putter Shaft Feel?

The TPZ line includes three versions: the TPZOne05, TPZOne35, and TPZOne80, with the latter designed for armlock putters. The One05 and One35 differ mainly in weight, with the former being lighter.

Both shafts are substantially counterbalanced, which impacts the swing weight and feel during the stroke. The impact with these shafts is noticeably softer and cleaner than steel, especially on mishits.

How Does the LAGP TPZ Putter Shaft Perform?

LAGP claims their TPZ shafts are “stiffer than all other shafts on Tour,” aiming to eliminate wiggle or deflection during the stroke. In practical use, TPZOne05 and TPZOne35 demonstrate remarkable stability on various lengths of putts.

They maintain firmness on mishits and offer substantial improvements in swing weight. The TPZOne35, in particular, stands out for its weight, providing excellent distance control even on long putts.

What Are the Unique Features of the LAGP TPZ Putter Shaft?

The TPZ shafts are unique in their combination of weight and swing weight. They offer golfers distinct choices that can significantly impact their putting game.

Available in .355 and .370 tip diameters, these shafts are compatible mainly with plumber’s neck (or similar) hosels.

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Weight and Swing Weight Combination

  • Diverse Weight Options

The TPZ shafts come in different weights, catering to various preferences and playing styles.

The TPZOne05 and TPZOne35, for instance, weigh 105 grams and 139 grams, respectively. This range allows players to choose a shaft that best suits their feel and balance requirements.

  • Counterbalanced Design

Both shafts feature a substantial counterbalance, which alters the putter’s swing weight. The equilibrium shifts the balance point closer to the hands, potentially offering better control and a smoother stroke.

The TPZOne05 results in a swing weight of D2, while the TPZOne35 has a D1 swing weight, compared to a traditional steel shaft’s D7 with the same putter head and grip.

  • Impact on Putting Stroke

The unique combination of shaft weight and swing weight influences the overall feel during the putting stroke.

A heavier shaft like the TPZOne35 can offer more stability, especially on long putts, aiding consistency and control. On the other hand, a lighter post like the TPZOne05 might provide quicker feedback and a more traditional feel.

LA Golf Putter Shafts – TPZ One05 and TPZ One35 Comparison

Tip Diameter and Hosel Compatibility

  • Variety in Tip Diameters

The TPZ shafts are available in two tip diameters: 355 and.370 inches. This variety ensures compatibility with a wide range of putters, allowing more golfers to experience the benefits of these shafts.

  • Suitability for Plumbers Neck Hosels

These shafts are compatible with plumber’s neck (or similar) hosels. The plumber’s neck hosel is a standard design that connects the putter head to the post with a small, flared neck.

This design is favored for its classic look and how it influences the putter’s balance and feel.

  • Installation Considerations

When installing the TPZ shafts, especially with the plumber’s neck design, it’s crucial to consider the shaft’s orientation for optimal performance and aesthetics.

The branding and logo placement on the shaft are designed to enhance its appearance when installed correctly.

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Conclusion: Is the LAGP TPZ Putter Shaft Worth It?

While the price point of the LAGP TPZ putter shafts may deter some, their unique weighting and performance benefits can be a game-changer for serious golfers. The white post, in particular, will draw attention to the greens, but the improved putting experience truly sets these shafts apart. For those willing to invest in their equipment, the LAGP TPZ putter shafts present a compelling option that blends style, innovation, and performance.

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