Stealth 2 vs. SIM 2 Golf Shafts: Unleashing Your Full Potential

The Stealth 2 and SIM 2 stand out as top contenders for golf shafts. The Stealth 2 offers exceptional performance, distance, and control, while the SIM 2 excels in launch characteristics and shot shaping capabilities. Consider your swing type and preferences to make the right choice and elevate your game on the golf course.

This article will compare two exceptional golf shafts: the Stealth 2 and the SIM 2. By understanding their design, performance attributes, swing compatibility, and value, you can make an informed decision to optimize your golf game.

What to know about Stealth 2?

The Stealth 2 driver by TaylorMade redefines forgiveness with its groundbreaking design. Featuring an enhanced 60X Carbon Twist Face™ and Inverted Cone Technology, it maintains ball speed on off-center strikes for increased forgiveness.

Stealth 2 boasts nearly twice the carbon content of its predecessor, utilizing a Carbon Reinforced Composite Ring for enhanced stability and forgiveness. Engineers meticulously crafted its premium sound profile, optimizing curvature and internal ribs for a bright, powerful sound.

With a higher MOI and strategic weight distribution, the Stealth 2 offers optimal launch and spin properties, delivering unparalleled forgiveness and complete performance, and following are the specs of the clubs.

LoftHandLieVolumeLengthSwing Weight
RH/LH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3/D4
10.5°RH/LH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3/D4
12°RH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3/D4
Stealth 2 Specs

What to know about SIM 2?

The SIM2 Max irons redefine game improvement with their revolutionary Cap Back Design, enhancing forgiveness, distance, and feel. The intelligently optimized sweet spot, powered by Thru-Slot Speed Pocket technology, ensures explosive ball speeds and consistency across impact points.

Optimized CG placement facilitates a high-launching ball flight for extended carry distance and stopping power, while a softer ECHO Damping System enhances feel and face flexibility.

The Cap Back Design, incorporating a lightweight polymer, stabilizes the topline and upper face perimeter, augmenting sound and feel. Additionally, the Low Center of Gravity, facilitated by various technologies, produces a high-penetrating ball flight.

Each iron features a fast, forgiving face with Progressive ICT, strategically positioning Inverted Cone Technology for maximum forgiveness, and the following are the specs of SIM 2 clubs.

SIM 2 specs

Stealth 2 Vs SIM 2; Honest comparison

A quick comparison table to look for

Here’s a full comparison table highlighting the key features and specifications of the Stealth 2 and SIM 2 golf shafts:

AspectTaylormade Stealth DriverTaylormade SIM2 Driver
Loft10.5 degrees10.5 degrees
ShaftAldila Ascent Red 60 Graphite Stiff FlexMitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV RAW Blue 60 Graphite Stiff Flex
LooksRed face with mat black crown; red accents on soleBlue, gray, and white color scheme
Sound/FeelSoft feel and sound, slightly softer than SIM2Solid and muted feel and sound, preferred by Jamie
PlayabilityBoth offer similar playability and shot outcomesBoth offer similar playability and shot outcomes
ForgivenessBoth drivers offer forgiveness and keep shots playableBoth drivers offer forgiveness and keep shots playable
DistanceStealth provides a slight edge of 2-5 yards on averageSIM2 performs similarly, with negligible distance difference
Jamie’s ChoiceSIM2N/A
RecommendationTest both drivers before buying; consider budget and preferenceTest both drivers before buying; consider budget and preference
Stealth 2 Vs SIM 2

This table summarizes the comparison between the Taylormade Stealth Driver and the Taylormade SIM2 Driver based on Jamie’s review and analysis. It highlights key aspects such as loft, shaft, looks, sound/feel, playability, forgiveness, distance, Jamie’s choice, and recommendations for potential buyers.

This table provides a comparison of various aspects between the Stealth 2 and SIM 2 golf clubs, helping golfers make an informed decision based on their preferences and performance needs.

Please note that the comparison table provides a general overview, and it’s important to consider individual preferences and factors when selecting a golf shaft.

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01. Shaft Design and Construction

The Stealth 2 shaft stands out with its revolutionary design, incorporating unique materials and advanced technology. Its construction utilizes composite materials that enhance strength and flexibility, resulting in a shaft delivering exceptional performance and responsiveness. Additionally, the Stealth 2 offers specific flex and torque characteristics, allowing players to achieve optimal power transfer and control in their swings.

On the other hand, the SIM 2 shaft showcases innovative construction techniques that prioritize stiffness and stability. The SIM 2 shaft delivers enhanced consistency and control throughout the swing by leveraging cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes. Its design considerations give players the confidence to unleash their full swing potential while maintaining stability and control.

02. Performance and Feel

When it comes to performance, the Stealth 2 shaft offers a winning combination of distance, accuracy, and feel. Its unique design attributes allow for increased energy transfer, resulting in longer drives and precise shot placement. The Stealth 2 shaft provides a consistent and controlled feel, ensuring players can confidently execute their desired shots.

Similarly, the SIM 2 shaft delivers performance attributes that elevate a player’s game. It offers excellent launch characteristics and trajectory control, allowing for optimal ball flight and shot-shaping capabilities. The SIM 2 shaft also provides a balanced feel that enables players to achieve desired spin rates and control for a variety of shots.

Taylormade Sim Vs Taylormade Stealth 2

03. Swing Compatibility

The Stealth 2 shaft is suitable for a wide range of swing types and player profiles. Whether you have a smooth tempo or an aggressive swing, the Stealth 2 shaft adapts to your style, enhancing your performance on the course. Additionally, it offers adjustability options, allowing for customization to further optimize your swing dynamics and preferences.

Similarly, the SIM 2 shaft caters to different swing types, accommodating various player needs. Whether you’re a high-speed player seeking stability or a player looking for improved launch and forgiveness, the SIM 2 shaft provides the necessary features for maximum performance. Its customization options allow the SIM 2 shaft to suit individual swing characteristics and enhance overall playability.

04. Price and Value

When considering the price range and value proposition, the Stealth 2 shaft offers a compelling package. While it may fall within the premium price range, its performance benefits justify the investment. The Stealth 2 shaft’s durability and long-term value make it a worthwhile addition to any golfer’s bag.

Similarly, the SIM 2 shaft provides a competitive performance-to-cost ratio, making it a viable option for golfers seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank. Its longevity and overall value considerations make it an attractive choice for players looking to elevate their game without compromising on quality.

Stealth 2 Plus vs SIM 2; A Quick Comparison

FeaturesStealth 2 Plus Golf ShaftSIM 2 Golf Shaft
DesignComposite materials, flexibility and torque characteristicsStiffness and stability considerations, innovative construction techniques
DescriptionThe Stealth 2 Plus golf shaft features a composite construction that enhances both flexibility and torque, resulting in improved power transfer and control.The SIM 2 golf shaft showcases innovative construction techniques that prioritize stiffness and stability, providing enhanced consistency and control throughout the swing.
PerformanceExcellent distance and accuracy, consistent and controlled feelOptimal launch characteristics, trajectory control, and shot shaping capabilities
DescriptionThe Stealth 2 Plus golf shaft delivers exceptional distance and accuracy, while maintaining a consistent and controlled feel, allowing players to execute shots with confidence.The SIM 2 golf shaft excels in providing optimal launch characteristics, trajectory control, and the ability to shape shots, helping players achieve desired ball flight and spin rates.
Swing CompatibilitySuitable for a wide range of swing types, adjustability optionsCaters to different swing types, customization features for optimal performance
DescriptionThe Stealth 2 Plus golf shaft is suitable for various swing types and offers adjustability options, allowing players to optimize their swing dynamics and preferences.The SIM 2 golf shaft is designed to cater to different swing types, providing customization features to ensure optimal performance based on individual player needs.
Price and ValueFalls within premium price range, long-term durability, and investment valueCompetitive performance-to-cost ratio, longevity, and overall value considerations
DescriptionThe Stealth 2 Plus golf shaft is positioned within the premium price range, offering long-term durability and investment value, making it a worthwhile addition for serious golfers.The SIM 2 golf shaft provides a competitive performance-to-cost ratio, offering longevity and overall value considerations, making it an attractive choice for players seeking high-performance without compromising quality.
Stealth 2 Plus vs SIM 2

Please note that the descriptions provided in the table are concise. It’s essential to further research and consult with professionals to determine the best golf shaft for individual needs and preferences.

TaylorMade Sim 2 v’s TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus – Is it time to upgrade?


In conclusion, both the Stealth 2 and SIM 2 golf shafts offer exceptional qualities that can enhance your golfing experience. The Stealth 2 excels in distance, accuracy, and control, while the SIM 2 shines in launch characteristics, trajectory control, and shot shaping capabilities. By considering your swing type, preferences, and budget, you can decide to select the ideal golf shaft that aligns with your needs and helps unleash your full potential on the course.

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