Straight Away Golf Tool Review; A Review By A Pro Golfer

Unlocking the secrets to a perfect golf swing begins with a flawless takeaway. In the world of golf training aids, the StraightAway Golf Tool has garnered attention for its promise to revolutionize this crucial phase of the swing.

In this review, we delve into the pros, cons, and overall effectiveness of this simple yet affordable training aid, shedding light on whether it can truly help golfers elevate their game.

What really is StraightAway golf tool?

What really is StraightAway golf tool?

The StraightAway golf tool, is a training aid designed to help golfers improve their takeaway in the golf swing. It consists of two plastic pieces that attach to the clubhead and grip of a golf club. These pieces are aligned to ensure the clubface is pointing directly at the target at the beginning of the backswing.

The primary goal of the StraightAway is to assist golfers in avoiding common swing mistakes, specifically taking the club too far inside and lifting the clubhead too early. By keeping the clubface square to the target during the takeaway, the StraightAway aims to help golfers develop a more consistent and powerful golf swing.

Straightaway -How It Works-
Straightaway -How It Works-

How does the StraightAway by Leadbetter work?

The StraightAway by Leadbetter is a golf training aid designed to improve the golf swing’s takeaway phase.

It consists of two alignment pieces that attach to the clubhead and grip, ensuring the clubface points directly at the target at the start of the backswing. Golfers practice with the aid, focusing on keeping the clubface aligned correctly during the takeaway.

This helps golfers avoid common mistakes like taking the club too far inside or lifting the clubhead too early. By ingraining proper alignment and takeaway mechanics, the StraightAway aims to enhance consistency and power in a golfer’s swing, ultimately leading to improved ball striking and performance on the course.

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How to use StraightAwat golf tool?

How to use StraightAwat golf tool?

Using the StraightAway golf tool is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps to use it effectively:

Step 01 – Attach the Tool: Start by attaching the StraightAway tool to your golf club. There are two pieces to the tool, one that attaches to the clubhead and one that attaches to the grip.

Step 02 – Align the Clubface: Ensure that the two pieces of the StraightAway tool are properly aligned so that the clubface is pointing directly at your target. This alignment is crucial to achieving the desired takeaway position.

Step 03 – Address the Ball: Set up to address the golf ball as you normally would, with the clubface square to your target.

Step 04 – Begin Your Backswing: As you start your backswing, pay close attention to the StraightAway tool. The goal is to maintain the alignment of the clubface with the target as you take the club back. This means that the clubface should remain pointing at the target during the initial phase of your backswing.

Step 05 – Practice Regularly: Practice your backswing using the StraightAway tool regularly to develop muscle memory and consistency in your takeaway.

Step 06 – Remove the Tool: After practicing with the StraightAway, remove the tool and hit some shots without it. Try to replicate the feeling and alignment you experienced during your practice swings.

Step 07 – Evaluate Your Progress: Pay attention to how the StraightAway tool has affected your takeaway and ball striking. Has it helped you maintain a more accurate and consistent clubface position during the takeaway? If you notice improvement, continue to use it in your practice sessions.

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Remember that while the StraightAway tool can be a helpful aid, it’s not a substitute for overall golf swing improvement. It specifically addresses the takeaway phase. To become a better golfer, you should also work on other aspects of your swing, such as the downswing, impact, and follow-through, which the StraightAway tool does not directly address.


What are the Pros and Cons of StraightAway golf tool?

Here are the pros and cons of the StraightAway golf tool based on the information provided:


  1. Ease of Use: The StraightAway is easy to attach to your golf club and can be set up in seconds, making it accessible for golfers of all skill levels.
  2. Portability: It is a portable training aid, allowing you to take it to the golf range or course easily. This convenience ensures you can practice with it wherever you go.
  3. Affordability: The StraightAway golf tool is relatively inexpensive compared to some other golf training aids, making it accessible to a wide range of golfers.
  4. Helps Correct Common Mistakes: The tool addresses common golf swing mistakes, such as taking the club too far inside or lifting the clubhead too early, which can lead to more consistency and better ball striking.
  5. Positive User Feedback: Some golfers have reported that the StraightAway has helped them improve their takeaway, suggesting that it can be effective for certain individuals.


  1. Effectiveness Varies: The StraightAway may not be equally effective for all golfers. Its impact on your swing improvement can depend on your specific swing flaws and how well you adapt to its use.
  2. Visibility Challenges: Some users may find it difficult to see the alignment lines on the StraightAway tool from their perspective, which can make it challenging to ensure proper alignment during the takeaway.
  3. Limited Scope: The StraightAway focuses solely on the takeaway phase of the golf swing. It does not address other critical aspects of the swing, such as the downswing, impact, or follow-through. Golfers seeking comprehensive swing improvement may need additional training aids.
  4. Requires Regular Practice: Like any golf training aid, the StraightAway is only effective if you use it consistently. If you’re not committed to regular practice with it, you may not see the desired results.
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The StraightAway golf tool offers several advantages, including ease of use, portability, affordability, and potential benefits in correcting common swing mistakes. However, its effectiveness can vary among individuals, and it primarily addresses the takeaway phase of the swing, so it may not provide a complete solution for all golfers’ swing improvement needs. Consider your specific requirements, budget, and commitment to practice when evaluating whether the StraightAway is right for you.

StraightAway golf tool review Final words

StraightAway golf tool review Final words

The StraightAway golf tool is a straightforward and budget-friendly training aid that aids in improving the golf swing’s takeaway phase. It comprises two easily attachable plastic pieces, ensuring the clubface aligns with the target during the backswing.

While it’s user-friendly and portable, its effectiveness varies among golfers. Some find it helpful in correcting swing flaws and achieving better ball striking, while others struggle to see the alignment lines clearly.

It’s important to note that it exclusively targets the takeaway, leaving other swing aspects unaddressed. Ultimately, its value depends on individual preferences, dedication to practice, and specific swing improvement needs.

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