Is Club Champion Worth It?; By Sportic Media

Club Champion fits have received a variety of assessments, most of which have focused on the experience as a whole and the fitter’s attitude and methodology. Personally, I don’t like indoor fittings since I love to watch the ball actually fly and respond.

You are paying for a service there, thus I don’t see why they wouldn’t fit your present club to find the optimal combo/setup. I’m not sure how the procedure for having your current club optimized works.

What/how much is gained with an optimized fitting actually depends on the individual as well as whether or not it’s worth it. If a person was correctly fitted for their club, it is unlikely that they would gain more than 5 yards in carry or significantly increase their dispersion.

That was my personal experience with Club Champion and in this article, we discuss the Club Champion focusing on its worth. So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

What really is Club Champion?

Is Club Champion Worth It?; By Sportic Media

The largest privately held retailer of premium golf clubs in the US is called Club Champion. They use technology to custom fit and build clubs in order to live up to their tagline of producing a better fit and better results. Additionally, since they promise better outcomes, it’s critical that they obtain accurate data so that they can manufacture in accordance with precise measurements.

In 2010, Club Champion opened its three-studio fitting facility. Nick Sherburne, the company’s founder, created the fitting procedure.

In 1998, Sherburne began working at EJL Golf, where he assisted with club repairs and custom fitting. His fitting philosophy changed as a result of technological advancements like launch monitors, new shaft technology, grip updates, and clubhead advancements, which led to the creation of Club Champion.

Sherburne launched the brand in collaboration with the former CEO Joe Lee and the former chairman Keith Bank. They liked the concept of offering amateur golfers professional-level services.

Is Club Champion Worth It?

In the field of custom building and fitting, Club Champion is a leader. It is a build-to-order company that makes claims that its Perfect Fit Guarantee will enhance games. The business offers golf club fitting of Tour calibre, ensuring longer and more accurate shots for players of all abilities.

It employs a data-driven fitting methodology and more than 50,000 brand-neutral combinations to demonstrate the substantial benefits that a properly fitted club will bring. The company takes a straightforward approach without encouraging bias.

They only emphasize locating the best possible combination of components for each customer, not endorsing any particular manufacturers.

What are the PROS of Cub Champion?

  • Fantastic fitting service
  • Analyses in detail before service.
  • Custom-built clubs from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Golf equipment from the biggest brands.
  • Professional and courteous fitters.
  • After the evaluation, there is no requirement to purchase clubs.

What do they say about their own service?

“The shaft is where Club Champion begins because it connects the golfer to the clubhead and has a significant impact on performance. The weight, profile, and stiffness of the shaft can have a significant impact on how a golfer swings the club, which is something that most fitters and players are unaware of.”

“In order to achieve the best fitting, it is necessary to remove all possible variables. To do this, we select the shaft that enables the quickest, most consistent swing, and then we use the head’s launch, spin, and forgiveness to go deeper. Most fitters don’t have the variety to take this approach; we can because we are brand agnostic and have so many options.”

What services does the Club Champion offer?

Arccos has been named the official on-course data partner of Club Champion, the top club fitter in the United States. In order to offer a Smart Fitting experience at each of its 75 studios nationwide, Club Champion fitters are now utilizing Arccos’ on-course shot data and Strokes Gained Analysis.

Club Champion fitters, who have received training and certification as Arccos Caddie experts, can access deep insights and data visualizations for each client’s shot-by-shot history, Smart Distance club averages, club gapping, club usage, dispersion patterns, miss tendencies, and more using the Arccos Dashboard.

Club Champion is the only club fitter in the nation to offer 45,000 interchangeable head and shaft combinations on-site, at all locations, and has been named one of Golf Digest’s 100 Best Club Fitters for ten years running. 

Using brands like PING, Cobra, Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Fujikura, Golf Pride, and many more, Club Champion fits, sells, and creates custom golf clubs.

For golfers of all skill levels, the business offers a fitting of Tour quality that results in longer, more accurate shots with a rate of satisfaction close to 100%.

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Does Club Champion build clubs?

For golfers of every skill level, the company offers custom-built clubs and club fittings of Tour quality. Over 50,000 hittable head and shaft combinations from more than 60 golf manufacturers are housed in each cutting-edge fitting studio, along with the best equipment and personnel the business has to offer.

Which is better True Spec or Club Champion?

When compared to Club Champion, the True Spec fitting experience is a great choice. Both are superior to any fitting you might receive at a neighbourhood sporting goods store like Dick’s Sporting Goods or PGA Tour Superstore, in my opinion. Club Champion has more locations nationwide and spends more on advertising.

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