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Welcome to SporticMedia, Golf Pride is renowned for its innovative grip designs, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of golfers worldwide. Among its popular offerings are the CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap grips, each offering distinct features to enhance performance on the course. 

n this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the differences between the CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap grips, aiding golfers in making informed decisions based on their playing style and preferences.

What to know about CP2 Pro?

CP2 Pro Vs CP2 Wrap
CP2 Pro

The CP2 Pro grip boasts a tapered design, aligning with the traditional shape preferred by many golfers. This design encourages slightly more grip pressure in the upper hand, potentially promoting a controlled fade trajectory. 

Moreover, the integration of Control Core Technology enhances stability and minimizes torque, ensuring a consistent swing feel. The CP2 Pro also offers a softer feel compared to its counterpart, appealing to players seeking enhanced feedback and responsiveness.

What to know about CP2 Wrap?

CP2 Pro Vs CP2 Wrap
CP2 Wrap

In contrast, the CP2 Wrap grip features a reduced taper in the lower hand, promoting uniform grip pressure across both hands. This characteristic aids in achieving a more neutral ball flight, beneficial for golfers seeking consistency and accuracy in their shots. 

The wrap-style texture of the CP2 Wrap ensures exceptional grip security, instilling confidence in every swing. Despite sharing the same Control Core Technology as the CP2 Pro, the CP2 Wrap offers a firmer feel, catering to players preferring a more solid grip sensation.

What do the real users say about it? 

According to the GolfWRX forum, users mostly recommend using Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips in humid conditions. However, some users mentioned that the grips are not good in humid or sweaty conditions, causing the club to slip in the golfer’s hands. 

Some golfers recommend using a glove and a half damp towel to clean and dry the grips in humid conditions. Others recommend different grips that are designed to withstand moisture, such as the Tour Velvet, Crossline, Iomic Sticky, or MCC grips. Overall, the CP2 Pro grips are not recommended for golfers who play in humid conditions.

What do the real users say about it? 

here is a review of the CP2 Wrap golf grips based on the Golf Pride website:

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips are rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by 370 reviewers on Golf Pride’s website. 99% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend.

Some of the pros mentioned in the reviews include:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Great feel
  • Good traction
  • Works well in all weather conditions
  • Helps with hand/wrist pain

Some of the cons mentioned in the reviews include:

  • Color/design options are not very good
  • Can be difficult to install
  • Have worn out quickly for some users

Overall, Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips seem to be a popular choice among golfers who are looking for a durable, comfortable, and all-weather grip. However, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider, such as the limited color options and the possibility of them wearing out quickly.

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CP2 Pro Vs CP2 Wrap; Complete comparison

FeaturesCP2 ProCP2 Wrap
DesignTraditional tapered shapeReduced taper in lower hand
Control Core TechnologyEnhances stability, reduces torqueEnhances stability, reduces torque
FeelSlightly softerSlightly firmer
Grip TextureSmoothWrap-style texture
Grip PressureMore pressure in upper handEven pressure across both hands
Ball FlightMay promote slight fadePromotes more neutral ball flight
MaterialSoft rubber compoundSoft rubber compound
Size OptionsStandard, Midsize, OversizeStandard, Midsize, Oversize
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue, Red, GreyBlack, Blue, Red, Grey
DurabilityExcellent durabilityExcellent durability
Weather ResistanceResistant to weather elementsResistant to weather elements
Shock AbsorptionAbsorbs shock for comfortable feelAbsorbs shock for comfortable feel
FeedbackProvides excellent feedbackProvides excellent feedback
Price RangeSlightly higherSlightly lower
CP2 Pro Vs CP2 Wrap

This table provides a more comprehensive comparison of the Golf Pride CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap grips, considering factors such as design, material, size options, colors available, durability, weather resistance, shock absorption, feedback, and price range. 

These additional details can help golfers make a more informed decision based on their specific preferences and requirements.

So when it comes to quick comparison; 

The Golf Pride CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap grips offer distinct advantages tailored to individual golfer preferences. The CP2 Pro features a traditional tapered design, promoting a softer feel and encouraging a controlled fade, while the CP2 Wrap’s reduced taper ensures even grip pressure for a more neutral ball flight and a firmer sensation. 

Both grips incorporate Control Core Technology for stability and torque reduction, while their soft rubber compounds ensure durability and weather resistance. Despite subtle differences in grip texture, feedback, and price range, both models excel in providing comfort and performance, making the choice between them a matter of personal feel and playing style.

How do I know if my golf pride grips are real?

Firstly, buy from trusted sources like the official website, major golf retailers, or your local pro shop. Be cautious with suspiciously low-priced deals online. Genuine grips typically come in clear-labeled plastic sleeves with crisp logos and well-finished seams.

 Check for a consistent texture and firmness, and ensure the Golf Pride logo on the butt cap is neatly aligned. Counterfeit grips may have strong chemical odors. Lastly, pay attention to performance – if grips wear quickly or feel excessively slippery, they might be fake. Stick to reputable sellers for peace of mind.

Additional Resources

Golf Pride’s Counterfeit Information Page – They have a dedicated page for checking originality with more details and visuals.

If You’re Unsure; 

Contact Golf Pride customer service directly or consult with a golf pro at a reputable shop for verification.

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