What Pros Use Evnroll Putters? All You Need To Know

In golf, a small change can make a big difference. This is where Evnroll putters come in. They’re special because they have something unique on their face – grooves that help the golf ball roll better. Even if you don’t hit the ball perfectly, these grooves help you put more accurately. 

Let’s take a closer look at why Evnroll putters are popular among pros and regular golfers.

How Evnroll Putters Work?

Imagine the face of an Evnroll putter like a road with grooves. These grooves are like little paths for the golf ball to follow. When you hit the ball, these paths help it roll more smoothly. 

Even if you don’t hit the ball exactly in the center of the putter, the grooves still help it go in the right direction. This is really helpful because sometimes, even the best golfers don’t hit the ball perfectly.

How Evnroll Putters Work?

Are Evnroll putters good?

Yes, Evnroll putters are highly regarded for their performance-enhancing features. The innovative face milling pattern sets them apart, promoting a consistent roll even on off-center hits, a common challenge in putting. 

This advanced technology translates to improved accuracy and a smoother ball roll, increasing the chances of sinking putts. Many professional golfers, including Collin Morikawa, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson, choose Evnroll putters, highlighting their effectiveness at the game’s highest level. The brand’s popularity among pros and amateurs alike attests to their quality. 

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Evnroll putters offer golfers a reliable tool to enhance their short game, instilling confidence in putts and potentially lowering scores. While their price may be higher due to the technology and endorsement, their performance benefits make them a valuable investment for those seeking improved consistency and precision on the greens.

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what pros use Evnroll putters?

Evnroll putters have caught the attention of several well-known golfers, and for good reason. Players like Collin Morikawa, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson have opted for Evnroll putters due to their effectiveness on the green. 

It’s quite impressive to note that more than 20% of the PGA Tour players have chosen to use Evnroll putters. This statistic speaks volumes about the level of trust and confidence that professional golfers place in these putters.

When golfers of such caliber and expertise select Evnroll putters as their tool of choice, it highlights the substantial impact these putters have on their performance. These players have access to a wide range of equipment options, yet they’ve opted for Evnroll, which underscores the quality and benefits these putters bring to their game. This choice isn’t just coincidental; it’s a testament to the consistent roll and accuracy that Evnroll putters provide.

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What are the Benefits of Evnroll putters for Golfers?

Evnroll putters are not just for the pros – they’re great for all golfers. They can help you make better putts, which is a big deal in golf. These putters are like your secret weapon for when you don’t hit the ball perfectly. The grooves on the putter face come to the rescue and make sure the ball still goes where you want it to go.

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Evnroll putters command a higher price due to their advanced technology and precision craftsmanship. The unique face milling pattern, designed to enhance consistency and accuracy, requires meticulous engineering. 

Additionally, the brand’s popularity among professional golfers and the endorsement of their performance contribute to their premium cost. The investment in research, development, and quality materials, combined with the assurance of improved putting, justifies the higher price point. 

For golfers seeking cutting-edge technology and enhanced putting performance, the cost of Evnroll putters reflects the commitment to excellence on the green.

What are the Benefits of Evnroll putters for Golfers?

What do the dots on the bottom of Evnroll putters mean? 

The dots on the bottom of Evnroll putters serve as alignment aids. These markings are strategically placed to help golfers line up their putts accurately. By aligning the dots with the ball and the target line, golfers can ensure their putter face is square to the desired path. 

This alignment feature assists in setting up a consistent and accurate putting stroke, reducing the chances of misalignment and promoting better putting performance. The dots provide a visual guide that complements Evnroll’s unique face technology, contributing to the overall precision and confidence in making putts.



SIK vs. Evnroll; A Full Comparison

CriteriaSIK PuttersEvnroll Putters
Face TechnologyPatented Descending Loft Technology (DLT)Unique face milling pattern for consistent roll
AlignmentF.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) for visual cuesAlignment dots aid accurate setup
CustomizationLimited adjustability for specific player needsAdjustable features for personalized fit
Pro UsageGained popularity among some professional golfersTrusted by numerous professional players
Putting StyleDesigned to suit different putting strokesFocused on consistent roll regardless of impact
PerformanceAims for precision and accuracy on puttsEmphasizes consistent roll and improved accuracy
CostVaries based on model and customization optionsPriced in the premium range for its technology
SIK vs. Evnroll; A Full Comparison

SIK and Evnroll putters are both reputable brands in the golf world, offering distinct features. SIK utilizes Descending Loft Technology for better control, while Evnroll boasts a specialized face milling pattern for consistent roll. SIK putters focus on alignment with F.I.T., whereas Evnroll uses alignment dots. Evnroll offers more customization, appealing to individual preferences. 

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Both brands have found favor among professionals. SIK is known for customizing putters, whereas Evnroll emphasizes a unique roll technology. The choice between them depends on putting style and preference. While SIK’s cost varies, Evnroll’s premium pricing reflects its innovative technology. Golfers should consider these factors to make an informed decision based on their game and putting needs.


So, if you’re looking to improve your putting game, Evnroll putters are a cool choice. They’re not just for pros – they’re designed to help all golfers make more accurate putts, even when the hit isn’t perfect. The special grooves on these putters are like your secret weapon for mastering the green. So next time you’re out on the course, think about giving an Evnroll putter a try and see how it can help you sink those putts and enjoy your game even more.

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