Ping Prodi G Fitting Chart; Plus Review

Properly fitted golf clubs play a vital role in enhancing a golfer’s performance on the course. With an array of options available, choosing the right clubs that suit your needs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, renowned golf equipment manufacturer Ping has introduced the Prodi G fitting chart to simplify the process. 

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Ping Prodi G fitting chart and explore how it can assist in finding the perfect clubs for your game. Welcome to Sportic Media.

Ping Prodi G Review

The Ping Prodi G fitting chart offers valuable guidance in achieving a proper club fit for young golfers. The adjustable club length, loft and lie angle adjustments, shaft flex options, and grip selection contribute to a more personalized and optimized playing experience. 

While there may be some limitations in terms of options and future adjustments, the Prodi G fitting chart is a valuable tool for young golfers seeking to improve their game.

Club Length

The Ping Prodi G offers various club lengths to accommodate young golfers of different heights. The fitting chart provides recommendations based on wrist-to-floor measurements, ensuring a proper fit. 

The advantage of the adjustable club length is that it allows juniors to have clubs tailored to their specific needs, promoting better swing mechanics and control. However, one potential drawback is the need for periodic adjustments as the player grows taller.

Loft and Lie Angles

The Prodi G fitting chart includes a range of loft and lie angle adjustments to optimize ball flight and accuracy. This feature enables young golfers to fine-tune their clubs according to their swing characteristics and playing style. 

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The benefit is that players can achieve the desired trajectory and shot consistency. However, a possible downside is the limited range of adjustments available compared to more advanced fitting systems.

Shaft Flex

With the Prodi G, golfers can choose from different shaft flex options based on their swing speed and tempo. 

The appropriate shaft flex enhances distance, accuracy, and feel. The advantage is that young players can optimize their energy transfer and achieve optimal performance.

However, the limited options for shaft flex may not cater to the specific needs of all players, especially those with extreme swing characteristics.

Grip Selection

The Prodi G fitting chart also provides guidance on grip selection, taking into account hand size and preference. This feature allows juniors to have a comfortable grip, promoting confidence and control. 

The benefit is improved stability and consistency throughout the swing. However, the limited variety of grip options may not cater to all individual preferences and may require additional customization.

What really is the Ping Prodi G Fitting Chart?

Ping Prodi G Clubs - Awesome Junior Clubs
Ping Prodi G Clubs – Awesome Junior Clubs

To grasp the essence of the Prodi G fitting chart, it’s crucial to understand the design philosophy behind the Prodi G line. These clubs are specifically engineered for young golfers, emphasizing optimizing performance and providing a seamless transition from junior to adult clubs. 

The fitting chart serves as a comprehensive guide to help golfers determine the correct specifications for their clubs, ensuring an optimal fit for their unique swing characteristics and physical attributes.

Ping Prodi G exact fitting chart; for your reference

Height (in)Wrist-to-Floor (in)Color CodeLie Angle (deg)
5030Junior Short1.5
5031Junior Regular0
5032Junior Long-1.5
5131Junior Regular0
5132Junior Long-1.5
5232Junior Long-1.5
5332Junior Long-1.5
5433Junior Regular0
5434Junior Long-1.5
5534Junior Long-1.5
5634Junior Long-1.5
5735Junior Regular0
5736Junior Long-1.5
5836Junior Long-1.5
5936Junior Long-1.5
6037Junior Regular0
6038Junior Long-1.5
6138Junior Long-1.5
6238Junior Long-1.5
6339Junior Regular0
6340Junior Long-1.5
6440Junior Long-1.5
6540Junior Long-1.5
6641Junior Regular0
6642Junior Long-1.5
6742Junior Long-1.5
6842Junior Long-1.5
6943Junior Regular0
6944Junior Long-1.5
7044Junior Long-1.5
7144Junior Long-1.5
7245Junior Regular0
7246Junior Long-1.5
7346Junior Long-1.5
7446Junior Long-1.5
7547Junior Regular0
7548Junior Long-1.5
7648Junior Long-1.5
7748Junior Long-1.5
7849Junior Regular0
7850Junior Long-1.5
7950Junior Long-1.5

The fitting chart encompasses various elements that contribute to a well-fitted golf club. Firstly, it facilitates loft and lie adjustments, allowing players to fine-tune their clubs’ characteristics for optimal ball flight and accuracy. 

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Secondly, it provides a range of shaft flex options, accommodating different swing speeds and tempo. Lastly, the Prodi G fitting chart also assists in selecting the ideal grip, considering hand size and personal preference.

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Finding the Right Club Length

Club length significantly affects a golfer’s ability to strike the ball consistently and effectively. Determining the appropriate club length becomes a streamlined process using the Ping Prodi G fitting chart. 

Start by measuring your wrist-to-floor length, a critical factor in determining club length. Consider swing characteristics such as posture and swing plane when consulting the fitting chart, as they can impact the ideal club length recommendations.

Selecting the Ideal Loft and Lie Angles

A golf club’s loft and lie angles profoundly influence ball flight and accuracy. Understanding these aspects is essential when customizing your clubs using the Prodi G fitting chart. 

Loft affects the trajectory of your shots, with higher lofts producing higher ball flights. Lie angle, on the other hand, influences shot accuracy by ensuring that the club’s sole makes proper contact with the ground during impact. 

You can identify the correct loft and lie angle combinations that suit your game by analyzing your swing dynamics and referring to the fitting chart.

Ping Prodi G Junior Set Review By Golfalot
Ping Prodi G Junior Set Review By Golfalot

Choosing the Right Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is a critical component of a golf club, affecting distance, accuracy, and feel. The Prodi G fitting chart simplifies the process of determining the appropriate shaft flex by considering your swing speed and tempo. 

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Swing speed refers to the velocity at which you swing the club, while tempo relates to the rhythm and timing of your swing. By considering these factors and consulting the fitting chart, you can decide on the ideal shaft flex for your game.

Optimal Grip Selection

Often overlooked, the grip plays a vital role in a golfer’s ability to control the club and execute shots. The Prodi G fitting chart also offers guidance on grip selection, allowing you to choose the grip size and style that best suits your hand size and preference. 

A proper grip promotes confidence, stability, and control throughout your swing, ultimately enhancing your overall performance on the course.

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The Ping Prodi G fitting chart is a valuable tool for young golfers looking to optimize their equipment for improved performance. By understanding and utilizing this comprehensive chart, you can determine the correct club length, loft and lie angles, shaft flex, and grip selection tailored to your individual needs. With the right clubs in hand, you’ll have the confidence and control necessary to unleash your full potential on the golf course. So, take advantage of the Ping Prodi G fitting chart and elevate your game to new heights.

What age group is the Ping Prodi G designed for?

The Ping Prodi G is designed for junior golfers typically ranging from ages 7 to 13. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young players in terms of club length, loft, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size.

Can the Ping Prodi G clubs be adjusted as the player grows?

While the Ping Prodi G clubs offer adjustability in terms of loft and lie angle, the club length may need to be periodically adjusted as the player grows taller. It is recommended to consult with a professional club fitter to make the necessary adjustments.

Are the Ping Prodi G clubs suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Ping Prodi G clubs are suitable for beginners, especially young golfers who are just starting their golfing journey. The clubs are designed to provide forgiveness, ease of use, and optimized performance for junior players.

Can the Ping Prodi G clubs be customized further?

The Ping Prodi G clubs can be customized to some extent. Grip selection and additional adjustments to loft and lie angle can be made to cater to specific player preferences and requirements. However, it’s important to consult with a professional club fitter for any customization needs.

Are the Ping Prodi G clubs only available in junior sizes?

Yes, the Ping Prodi G clubs are specifically designed for junior golfers. They are available in a range of sizes and specifications suitable for young players. For adult golfers, Ping offers other club models that are better suited to their needs.

Where can I purchase Ping Prodi G clubs?

Ping Prodi G clubs can be purchased through authorized Ping retailers, golf equipment stores, and online golf retailers. It is recommended to visit a reputable store or consult with a professional club fitter to ensure the right fit and specifications for your game.

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