Mizuno MP-59 Vs MP-64: Honest Comparison. 

Both MP-59 and MP-60, have achieved an overall good reputation in the Golf market so far, and in this article, I will discuss the key differences between those two shafts, helping you to select one for playing better golf. So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

Mizuno MP-59 Specs.

Mizuno MP-59 Vs MP-64: Honest Comparison. 

If you prefer the appearance of a classic muscle back blade, the MP59 are among the best-looking irons in the address position available thanks to their thin topline and small offset. They are very understanding of small errors. 

The sole moves smoothly across the grass, and the trajectory control is excellent. They are iron for a wide range of players with a suggested index range of +2 to 13.

Mizuno MP-59 Specs.
  • With titanium forged into the muscle cavity, the sweet area is 5% larger (compared to MP-58).
  • Mizuno refers to the sweet area as the sweet spot.
  • Better players prefer the shape that Mizuno’s Forged TI Muscle TeethnologyTM delivers because it offers increased forgiveness.

In a player’s half-cavity design, the MP-59, the latest iteration of our highly acclaimed Ti Muscle Technology, offers full cavity forgiveness. The MP-59, the iron that debuted Ti Muscle Technology and won “Editor’s Choice” on Golf Digest’s 2010 Hot List, has a 5% larger Sweet Area thanks to the complex Grain Flow Forging process that forges pure Titanium into its muscle.

Pure titanium’s lightweight properties enable the perfect amount of thickness behind the impact area to deliver a consistently solid feel while also dramatically increasing perimeter weighting for improved playability.

Only Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process, which results in these incredible increases in forgiveness while maintaining a compact, traditional head shape, is currently able to deliver this technological advancement.

Are Mizuno MP59 forgiving?

If you prefer the appearance of a classic muscle back blade, the MP59’s are among the best-looking irons in the address position available thanks to their thin topline and small offset. They are very understanding of small errors. The sole moves smoothly across the grass, and the trajectory control is excellent.

Are Mizuno MP 59 irons forged?

To begin with, these are wholly Mizuno. They are grain flow forged for that soft, pure feel at impact and have that crisp appearance when it comes to graphics.

What replaced Mizuno MP 59?

The MP-15 eliminates 38 grams of weight and replaces them with 10 grams of titanium, as opposed to the MP-59, which removed 20 grams and added 11 grams of titanium.

Mizuno MP-64 specs.

Mizuno MP-59 Vs MP-64: Honest Comparison. 
Mizuno MP-59 Vs MP-64
  • Flow of Patented Grain The ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel is provided by forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel.
  • The ultimate ability to alter shots and a small head size give you more control. Tour-verified sole.
  • utilizing Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology and Modal Analysis software to optimize sound and feel at impact (HIT).
  • Depth of the Flow Throughout the entire set, Diamond Muscle Pad provides optimal performance and perfect flow.

The Diamond Muscle MP-64, Grain Flow Forged iron was created specifically for the professional tour staff at Mizuno.

The MP-64 offers slightly more forgiveness than a traditional blade due to its shallow cavity, and Mizuno’s R&D team concentrated on creating the softest, most solid feel possible.

The MP-64‘s pursuit of more feedback resulted in a thicker, protruding muscle pad located behind a wider section of the clubface. Mizuno’s tour staff recognized the smoother feel from earlier muscle-back irons thanks to the thicker portion’s production.

A softer-edged, more playable sole shape of the MP-64 complements its smoother appearance and feel. Less defined edges produce more consistent turf interaction and distance control while maintaining Mizuno’s overall tour grind.

The MP-64‘s predecessor’s long iron cavities are deeper, ensuring that forgiveness is added where it is most needed. Throughout the set, the cavity depth gradually decreases until it reaches the compact short irons, which are thick and have an oriented feel.

  • Diamond Strength.
  • Flow Forged Grain.
  • Modified U-grooves, a smoother sole bevel, double nickel mirror chrome, and smoother sole bevel.
  •  Personalized Set Makeup:

Mizuno MP-64 vs MP-54; My experience. 

The i20 irons that I am using are good. They perform well and carry out instructions precisely. They are boring, which is my issue with them (if that makes any sence). Over the past two months, I have been playing and practicing six days a week, along with some lessons.

I pulled out my MP32 irons, which are excellent irons, but I don’t really have enough game for them and they are in pretty bad shape. They are accurate, feel good, and look good.

The mp59 has been on my mind, but the new 64s look really good! But in all actuality, their designs are quite similar.

Mizuno MP64 or MP69 Irons AskGolfGuru
Mizuno MP64 or MP69 Iron

How forgiving are the Mizuno MP-20?

Forgiveness. The traditional MP-20 blade is consistent with what to anticipate from Mizuno muscle back clubs. Amazing feel and control, but to consistently control your ball flight and make these irons perform, you do need to be striking your shots well.

Is Mizuno MP-20 a blade?

When you make a subpar swing, the MP-20 is a true blade and will happily leave your ball two or three clubs short of the target.

What does MP mean Mizuno?

MP stands for Mizuno Pro.

Do Mizuno wedges rust?

Many Mizuno tour players prefer the raw finish because it lacks the copper underlay and will rust over time.

Are Mizuno S18 wedges forgiving?

The S18 is an outstanding wedge package overall. The versatility is enhanced by the higher lofts’ added heel and toe relief, and the wide sole only slightly increases impact forgiveness.

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