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For golfers looking for a mid-launch and low to mid spin shaft, the KBS S taper is designed to deliver outstanding feel while maintaining shot workability. 

It has the same bend profile as the KBS Tour shafts, but with lengthened step patterns to manage spin, resulting in consistent performance throughout the swing. S Tapeer is finished in chrome and includes a 360-degree cured decal for long-lasting sturdiness.

The KBS X100 is a high-flex, tour weight shaft designed for experienced players who want a low, penetrating ball flight for maximum control and accuracy. Constant weight technology in taper tip irons and falling weight technology in parallel tip irons are featured.

In this article we compare the KBS S Taper vs. X100, to find out which shaft is good for you when playing good golf. So stick around until the end. Welcome to Sportic Media. 

KBS S Taper specs.

KBS S Taper

For golfers looking for the finest tour shaft with Mid trajectory and Low Spin performance, the KBS Tour $-Taper gives excellent feel while retaining shot workability and tight dispersion.

The following are the main specs of KBS S Taper shaft and it would be a very nice experience when you are playing with a STaper in your hand. 

  • Flex R, R+, S, S+, X
  • Tip Diameter 355″
  • Finish Black PVD, Chrome
  • Club   2i, 3i, 4i, 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, SW
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When the KBS Tour $ – Taper was introduced over ten years ago, it transformed the performance and feel of steel golf shafts on Tour. The KBS Tour $ – Taper will do the same for a new generation of players looking for the greatest golf shafts on the market. 

The KBS Tour $ – Taper is designed for players who want a straighter and stronger ball flight with lower spin for Tour-caliber performance and feel.

The KBS Tour S-Taper will be available in two finishes: Black PVD and Classic KBS Chrome. The KBS Tour S-Taper will be available in the following Flex and Weights: 

  • R 110g, 
  • R+ 115g, 
  • S 120g, 
  • S+ 125g, and 
  • X 130g. 

And, designed specifically for the KBS Tour, S-Taper is our first 360° cured decal for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic on your equipment.

What does S stand for on a golf club?

Instead, letters such as P or PW for pitching wedge and S for sand wedge are used. The degrees of loft can also be used to distinguish the sand wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge. For example, the sand wedge might read “56” for 56 degrees of loft, rather of “S.” Putters, because to their distinctive shape and flat face, are also not numbered.

What KBS shaft will be the best for you?

There is a lot of misinformation about lighter iron shafts. However, KBS claims that its Lite variants provide a bit more launch and are easier to get airborne (than the 3 pillar models).

As club speeds increase and shots fly higher, Lite versions can be a great option for players who don’t attack iron shots full blast. 

Typically, light models and aging go hand in hand. If you overload the shaft, you’ll notice that projectiles start turning over to the left of the target (for a right-handed golfer).

Selecting the best shaft for yourself depends on many things na you needs to consider each and every those point before buying the best shaft for you. 

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Golf Shaft Comparison | Dynamic Gold X100 vs Project X LS vs KBS Tour C-Taper
Golf Shaft Comparison | Dynamic Gold X100 vs Project X LS vs KBS Tour C-Taper

KBS X100 specs and review. 

This high-flex, tour weight shaft is intended for experienced players who want a low, penetrating ball flight for maximum control and accuracy. Constant weight technology in taper tip irons and falling weight technology in parallel tip irons are featured.

  • Butt: .600″
  • Flex: X
  • Length: 45.00″
  • Launch: Low
  • Weight: 121g
  • Type: Wood
  • Tip: .355

On paper, the X100s should launch somewhat lower than the KBS Tours, but not everyone reacts the same way. C taper profiles are entirely different. If you need to adjust your launch and spin and you’re already using a 130g XS shaft, I’m not sure how much upgrading to another will help you. 

A fitting would be ideal, but it’s also likely that you require a lower-launching head than the 770s. I wouldn’t spend several hundred dollars on new shafts without a fitting because “on paper” doesn’t always equal to “in reality” for every player and swing.

Are X100 shafts stiff?

The flex of both shafts differs, with the S300 being stiff and the X100 being very stiff.

What is the difference between S300 and X100?

If you have a lot of clubhead speed and struggle to keep the ball down, the difference between the S300 and X100 is crucial. 

The X100 is designed for speedier players, while the S300 is designed for those who have plenty of speed but can still regulate their ball flight.

What happens if iron shafts are too stiff?

If your golf shaft is too stiff and your swing speed is too sluggish, your well-struck shot will be limited in terms of both carry distance and shot direction; a too-stiff golf shaft will usually result in weak fades or slices.

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KBS S-Taper vs C-Taper Shafts
KBS S-Taper vs C-Taper Shafts

KBS S Taper vs. X100: Which one is better?

This depends on a ton of factors. But in my experience I go for S Taper. But it is for me and it may not be suitable for you. So when choosing a one from these two, get instructions from your coach because he definitely knows what will be the best for you, depending on your talent as well as the experience. 

These shafts should not be soft or hard stepped. I only tilted them 1/2″ since I wanted S+ weight and I played them 1/2″ over. The spin rate of the 6 iron is 5800-6100 rpm, and the trajectory is in mid-flight. Swing speed of the driver 113-115. The iron tempo is +. I was concerned about being unable to control knock downs with x flex.

If you like a heavier iron shaft yet prefer a smoother feel, the KBS Tour is for you. It’s also an excellent option for golfers looking for a slightly greater ball flight from their iron play.

What is AC taper?

The KBS C-Taper iron shafts are among the lowest launching and spinning steel shafts available. The C-Taper iron shaft is ideal for golfers who want to hit low piercing shots while maintaining excellent shot control.

Do any tour players use KBS shafts?

KBS, which is used by over 300 Tour players worldwide, works with every club maker and offers 30 alternative shafts through the golf bag, including 18 iron options with varied weights and flexes.

What is the lightest KBS shaft?

The KBS TOUR 90, as the lightest shaft in the KBS series, is ideal for players looking for a higher trajectory, more spin, and maximum distance. The KBS TOUR 90 is 20% lighter than conventional shafts, which helps to boost swing and ball speeds.

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