How to Fix Too Much Shaft Lean at Address in Golf: Tips and Techniques

Having the proper setup and address position is crucial for success in golf. One important aspect to consider is the amount of shaft lean at address. However, some golfers may struggle with excessive shaft lean, negatively impacting their swing and overall performance.

In this article, we will delve into the topic of fixing too much shaft lean at address and provide valuable tips and techniques to improve your golf game.

What really is the Shaft Lean at Address?

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How to Fix Too Much Shaft Lean at Address

Before we discuss how to fix excessive shaft lean, let’s first understand its definition and significance:

Shaft lean refers to the forward tilt of the club’s shaft at address. It plays a crucial role in controlling the clubface angle and impact position. The correct amount of shaft lean varies depending on the club being used and the desired shot shape.

Correct Shaft Lean for Different Clubs

The amount of shaft lean will differ for each club in your bag. For example, you generally want a slight forward shaft lean with irons to ensure crisp ball contact and a descending strike. The shaft may be more neutral or slightly leaning away from the target with a driver or fairway wood.

How much shaft lean do pros have?

The shaft lean at impact for distance wedges is essential in achieving solid and penetrating shots. The best players in the world often demonstrate a forward shaft lean of approximately 10°-15° when striking these shots. 

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This aggressive shaft lean helps them achieve a downward strike on the ball, promoting optimal ball compression and a controlled, piercing ball flight. By delofting the clubface and maximizing the transfer of energy, this technique allows for improved distance control and consistent ball-striking

However, it’s important to note that the optimal shaft lean may vary for different golfers, and it’s crucial to find the right balance that suits your individual swing characteristics and shot preferences.

Should you have shaft lean at address?

Club Shaft Position at Address | Correct Arm Position | Golf Tip
Club Shaft Position at Address | Correct Arm Position | Golf Tip

Having a slight shaft lean at address is generally recommended for most golfers. It helps promote the proper angle of attack and optimal ball contact. Here are a few reasons why having a slight forward shaft lean at address can be beneficial:

Consistent Ball-First Contact: A slight forward shaft lean encourages a downward strike on the ball, ensuring that the clubhead makes contact with the ball before the turf. This leads to more consistent ball-first contact and improved shot control.

Compression and Distance: Forward shaft lean can help compress the ball against the clubface, generating increased ball speed and distance. It allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the clubhead to the ball.

Control and Accuracy: When the hands are slightly ahead of the clubhead at address, it promotes a more stable and controlled clubface through impact. This can lead to improved accuracy and directional control.

Iron Play: For iron shots, a forward shaft lean can help promote a slightly steeper angle of attack, allowing the golfer to better control the trajectory and spin of the ball.

However, it’s important to note that the amount of shaft lean may vary depending on personal swing characteristics, club selection, and shot requirements. It’s recommended to work with a qualified golf instructor or club fitter to determine the ideal amount of shaft lean that suits your individual swing mechanics and helps you achieve consistent and desired results.

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What causes of Excessive Shaft Lean?

There are several common factors that contribute to excessive shaft lean at address:

Grip Pressure and Tension

Excessive grip pressure and tension in the hands and forearms can lead to a tight and rigid swing. This tension can cause the club to be held too far forward, resulting in excessive shaft lean.

Poor Posture and Setup

Incorrect posture and setup can also contribute to excessive shaft lean. A hunched or rounded upper back can cause the shoulders to tilt forward, resulting in the club leaning too far towards the target.

Swing Mechanics and Path

Swing mechanics and path can have a significant impact on shaft lean. A steep or excessively inside-out swing path can lead to an exaggerated forward shaft lean, resulting in inconsistent ball striking.

How to fix excessive Shaft Lean?

Don't Be A Handle Pusher! (PIVOT For Shaft Lean At Impact)
Don’t Be A Handle Pusher! (PIVOT For Shaft Lean At Impact)

To correct excessive shaft lean at address, consider the following adjustments and techniques:

Grip Adjustment and Pressure

Focus on maintaining a relaxed grip with consistent pressure throughout the swing. Avoid squeezing the club too tightly, as this can lead to tension and excessive shaft lean. Experiment with lighter grip pressure to promote a more neutral shaft position.

Posture and Setup Corrections

Ensure proper posture and setup by standing tall with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Avoid excessive rounding or hunching of the upper back. Maintain a balanced stance with weight evenly distributed between the feet.

Swing Path and Release Adjustments

Work with a qualified golf instructor toanalyze your swing mechanics and path. They can provide guidance on correcting any swing issues that may be causing excessive shaft lean. Focus on maintaining a smooth and balanced swing, with proper sequencing and release through impact.

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Practice Drills and Training Aids

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Utilize specific drills and training aids to help develop the correct feel and motion:

Mirror Work and Visual Feedback: Use a mirror to observe your setup and address position. Practice positioning the club with the desired amount of shaft lean and check your alignment and posture.

Alignment Rods and Swing Plane Trainers: Incorporate alignment rods or swing plane trainers into your practice routine. These aids can help you visualize and feel the correct shaft lean at address and throughout the swing.

Professional Instruction and Analysis

Seeking professional instruction and analysis from a certified golf instructor can provide valuable insights and personalized guidance. They can assess your swing mechanics, provide feedback, and offer customized drills and exercises to address excessive shaft lean.

Developing Consistency and Feel

Improving your golf swing and correcting excessive shaft lean requires consistent practice and developing a feel for the correct positions:

Repetition and Muscle Memory: Practice regularly to develop muscle memory and reinforce the proper address position and shaft lean. Incorporate these techniques into your warm-up routine before rounds or practice sessions.

Feedback and Video Analysis: Record your swing and review the footage to assess your shaft lean and identify areas for improvement. Compare your swing to professional golfers or seek feedback from a coach or instructor.

On-course Application and Transfer: Take the techniques and adjustments you’ve learned to the golf course. Gradually integrate them into your gameplay, focusing on maintaining the correct shaft lean under different shot scenarios and conditions.

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Excessive shaft lean at address can hinder your golf swing and impact your overall performance on the course. You can work towards correcting this issue by understanding the importance of proper shaft lean, identifying the causes of excessive lean, and implementing the suggested adjustments and techniques. Remember, consistent practice, feedback, and professional guidance will play a vital role in improving your golf swing and achieving the desired shaft lean for optimal performance.

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