Cost to Reshaft Irons

How much does it cost to reshaft irons? Your golf clubs can be reshafted for an average cost of $24 per club, plus the price of the shaft and grip. 

A new driver shaft and grip can cost anywhere from $18 to $440, while a new iron shaft and grip can cost anywhere from $10 to $95 per.

How much does it cost to change to graphite shafts on irons? You may need to spend anywhere between $40 and $100 only for the shaft if your iron needs a new graphite shaft. On the other hand, steel is far less expensive. You should budget between $20 and $75 per shaft, depending on the parameters and the type of steel shaft.

So, as the cost for reshafting irons is not really cheap, it is better for your pocket if you hire the best person for it. If not, you may have to do the same thing again and again. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about reshafting irons, including the cost, time, advantages, disadvantages, etc. So, welcome to Sportic Media.

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What is Reshafting a golf club?

Cost to Reshaft Irons; Everything Included. 

Reshafting a golf club is done with the main aim of improving the performance and the accuracy as well as the life expectancy. So what are the results of reshafting a golf club?

  • Reshafting is but one method of preserving your clubs’ peak performance. Additionally advantageous is regripping your clubs. 
  • Your clubs can feel brand-new again by getting new golf grips to replace worn-out ones. 
  • Your favorite clubs can be given the proper shaft to help you get back on the course and strive toward a new personal low round.

Reshafting a golf club requires patience and can be challenging. Before utilizing the club, one must wait at least 30 minutes to ensure that it has sufficiently dried; otherwise, they run the risk of having their grip come off quickly once more. It’s challenging but not impossible to get rid of the old hold.

  1. Although the golf club is brand-new, the shaft does not suit your playing style properly.
  2. The shaft is cracked, but the club is in wonderful condition.
  3. You should alter the flex because you won’t affect how you play.
  4. Your game is now being badly impacted by a significant alteration in your swing.

How long do golf iron shafts last?

Typically, a golf club shaft doesn’t deteriorate. In fact, it’s one of the few components of a club that largely maintains its original state. A shaft should endure for 20 years, with other parts wearing out much sooner than a shaft.

Groove wear is a good sign that your golf irons need to be replaced. The grooves on the golf head’s face are what control how the ball spins when you strike it. 

You won’t be able to spin your golf ball as much if these grooves are worn out. It’s probably time for new golf irons at this point.

Do golf clubs wear out?
Do golf clubs wear out?

How long do steel iron shafts last?

If you play golf occasionally or with a low handicap, a reasonable rule of thumb to follow is to change your golf irons every four to five years, or after about 300 rounds.

Do golf irons lose distance over time?

It can be difficult to find truly worn-out irons, which would remind me of the time I used my dad’s old clubs, which were long past their prime. 

You may lose 7–10 yards on them, though, if your clubs are genuinely worn out.

What are the advantages of reshafting golf clubs?

If you are thinking about why reshafting irons is important, then here are the advantages of reshafting golf irons. 

Improved accuracy.

Reshafting irons increase the accuracy dramatically. Golf is a really challenging sport, therefore you won’t always be successful in your endeavors. Accurate shots are the key to lower scores because, in the end, your accuracy will decide your level of play.

So don’t think twice when it is time to reshaft your golf irons. The cost you spend on it will return to you many good things in a very short time. 

Improve the Distance.

When calculating the number of driving strokes gained, distance accounts for 60 to 65 percent and accuracy for roughly 35 to 40 percent. 

It’s no surprise that the top 10 players in the world all have driving distances that are far higher than normal and driving accuracy that is just slightly below average.

Improves the swing.

On longer shots, golfers aim for distance and accuracy, and on approach shots to the green, they aim for pin-point control. 

You cannot consistently accomplish any of these goals without having a good balance. With a balanced swing, you can control the club more effectively and strike the ball squarely for precision.

Is it worth Reshafting my irons?

Do You Really Need a Golf Shaft Fitting?
Do You Really Need a Golf Shaft Fitting?

I wouldn’t advise reshafting them because it would cost more than they are worth. If each shaft costs $30, each grip costs $10, and labor costs $20 per pull or installs, your cost per club will be at least $60 and may even be more depending on the shaft. 

With a 4-PW set, that is $420 right there (plus tax if not more). Those clubs are possibly worth $200 to $250. 

Therefore, rather than spending $420 on new shafts, why not sell them, make $200, and then invest that money together with the $420 in a quality set of new clubs that are suitable for you.

You might choose to use a significant OEM for an additional $380 or you could easily purchase a respectable set of DTC clubs from Sub70, Hogan, or Haywood (or even some PXGs these days) for roughly the same net cost. Upgrade the shafts and heads for, in my opinion, not much extra money overall.

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How often should I Reshaft my irons?

You’ll need to reshaft your clubs on two separate instances. 

  • When the shaft breaks, the first one should be quite visible.
  • If a shaft breaks, it can no longer be repaired and must be replaced.

You might be tempted to reshaft your clubs on your own when the time comes. However, if you’re not familiar with the procedure, you can ask for assistance from the Golf Services PROS at your nearby shops. Your game can be matched with a new shaft by one of their Certified Fitters.

How much does it cost to change to graphite shafts on irons?

You may need to spend anywhere between $40 and $100 only for the shaft if your iron needs a new graphite shaft. 

On the other hand, steel is far less expensive. You should budget between $20 and $75 per shaft, depending on the parameters and the type of steel shaft.

Are steel shafts better than graphite?

Compared to their graphite equivalents, steel shafts are often significantly heavier, more reliable, and cheaper. 

They are frequently composed of stainless steel and typically weigh between 90 and 120 grams. Steel irons have less torque, or lateral twisting, than any graphite shafts.

Are 10 year old irons too old?

Clubs that are well-maintained will last a lifetime. Clubs older than ten years should be examined for better alternatives, but clubs younger than five years do not require replacement aside from wear and tear problems, to which wedges and forged irons are especially susceptible.

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