Sub 70 699 Vs P790

In my personal opinion as a pro golfer, the TaylorMade P790 irons are the better option. They feature a thinner face, more forgiveness, and a slightly lower center of gravity than the Sub 70 699 irons. The P790s also have a higher launch angle and a more consistent ball flight than the Sub 70 699s. The feel and sound of the P790s is also superior.

In this article you will find a complete comparison between the Sub 70 699 and P790, so stick around until the end to find out what you’ve looking for. 

What should you know about the Sub 70 699 Iron set?

Sub 70 699 Vs P790

The Sub 70 699 iron set is a set of irons designed for golfers with a mid-high handicap range. They are made with a combination of titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten to create a strong, forgiving set of irons. 

The heads are slightly larger for increased forgiveness and the sole widths are designed to optimize ball flight and trajectory. The irons feature a progressive offset and sole design for improved shot-making. The set also offers a choice of shaft flexes to help customize the set to fit the individual golfer.

Is sub70 golf good? What is my experience?

I recently tried out Sub70 golf and I have to say, I’m impressed! The clubs have great feel and control and make it easy to hit the ball far and accurately. The quality of the clubs is outstanding compared to other brands I’ve tried in the past. 

I’ve been consistently hitting the ball further with these clubs and the spin control is top notch. I’m really happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality set of golf clubs!

Sub 70 699 Irons Specs.

Head weight249257263270277285297293
Steel length38.53837.53736.53635.535.75
Graphite length3938.53837.53736.53636.25

What should you know about p790 irons? 

Sub 70 699 Vs P790; Best Ever Comparison

The P790 irons from TaylorMade are an innovative set of irons that offer a combination of distance and forgiveness. The irons feature a hollow body design with a lightweight SpeedFoam insert to provide an ultra-low CG and enhanced sound and feel.

The P790’s feature a thinner topline and progressive offset, which helps reduce the amount of face progression through the set. The SpeedFoam also helps create a higher launch and increased ball speed. 

The P790 irons feature a forged construction and laser-etching on the face for improved spin and control. They also feature an advanced face design to enable more ball speed and distance.

Why are P790 irons so good?

P790 irons are designed to offer a combination of distance, forgiveness, and precision. They feature ultra-thin, forged faces that deliver high ball speed and increased distance. 

The hollow-body construction also adds forgiveness, while the progressive sole widths and CG locations help promote shot variability and control. 

The combination of all these features makes the P790 irons a great option for golfers looking for a combination of distance and precision.

Are P790 irons good for high handicappers? 

Yes, the P790 irons are good for high handicappers. They provide great forgiveness and distance, and they are designed to help golfers hit the ball higher and straighter. 

They also feature a hollow-body construction, which helps to reduce vibration and provide a more stable feel at impact.

Are P790s good for beginners?

No, the P790 irons are not ideal for beginners as they are designed for advanced players with a low handicap. The P790s have a thin face and low center of gravity, which makes them more difficult to hit than most beginner irons. 

Beginners should opt for a more forgiving iron that is easier to hit and provides more distance and accuracy.

P790 irons specs

Irons are more than just metal. It is the outcome of many hours of study, testing, and player input. Every action is taken with a single objective in mind, from conception to delivery. delivering outcomes when you most need them. 

Where our metal meets your resolve is in the new P•790. Try them out for yourself to see what kind of player they’ll make you.

FeatureP 790 irons

Sub 70 699 Vs P790: Comparison

P790Sub 70 699
Total number of clubs98
Lie60.5 – 64 degrees61 – 64.5 degrees
Loft19 – 50 degrees21.5 – 50 degrees
USGA legelYesYes
length39 – 35.5 inches38.5 – 35.5 inches

Sub 70 699 Vs P790: write a good comparison of 100 words

The TaylorMade P790 and the Sub 70 699 are both excellent clubs for golfers of all levels. Both clubs offer a combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel that make them ideal for a variety of playing styles.

The P790 is designed to be an all-around performer, with a larger head size and a higher MOI (moment of inertia) providing a more forgiving feel. It also has a thinner face and a more flexible sole, allowing players to launch the ball higher with more spin.

The Sub 70 699 is a smaller club head with a more traditional look, which appeals to better players. It has a lower MOI, giving it a more workable feel, and a thinner face that helps generate more ball speed. The 699 also has a slightly higher launch angle, making it easier to hit the ball straight and long.

Overall, the P790 is the better choice for players who want maximum forgiveness and distance, while the 699 is better suited for players who need more control and precision from their shots. With either club, players can expect a great combination of distance, accuracy, and feel for their game.

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