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I’ve had a lot of success with both MP-18s and MP-20s. I favor the 18s for one straightforward reason. The shape appeals to me more. They perform in a manner that is identical or nearly identical. I prefer the slightly more square shape of the 18s. 

I was unable to detect many differences in how I felt. I agree that Mizuno’s have always felt great, though the 20s may be a little softer. Consequently, with the same performance and subjective feel. My advice is to choose the one that you think looks best.

That is my personal experience of playing with MP20 and the MP18, and in this article, you will find everything you need to know when comparing MP18 with MP20. So stick around until the end and find out what you’ve been looking for. 

What are MP-20 specs?

MP20 vs MP18

The ultimate Mizuno muscle back, heavily influenced by Mizuno’s legendary past blades. A single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel was Grain Flow Forged into HD, which was then plated with soft Copper before being protected by nickel chrome for legendary feel and feedback.


Are Mizuno MP 20s forgiving?

The traditional MP-20 blade is consistent with what to anticipate from Mizuno muscle back clubs. Amazing feel and control, but to consistently control your ball flight and make these irons perform, you do need to be striking your shots well.

Are MP-20 HMB forged?

The face of the MP-20 HMB (Hot Metal Blade), which is where the brand’s JPX919 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro are cast, is made of forged chromoly steel. According to Mizuno, the MP-20 MMC and forgiveness performance are very similar.

What degree is a Mizuno MP 20 pitching wedge?

Pitching Wedge – 46°

Are MP-20 HMB blades?

The Mizuno MP20 HMB irons are a hollow iron with an impressive feel and materials used to make it feel like a blade, not a blade itself. Golfers who use the MP20 HMB are primarily interested in a blade-like feel with high forgiveness, though they also want some workability.

What are MP-18 specs?

MP20 vs MP18

The Mizuno MP-18 MB is the only player’s club you need to consider if you’re shopping for blades. With the most recent model in the MP lineup, Mizuno has created the best-looking player’s clubs on the market. 

It also has the performance and feel you would expect from a Mizuno. Make sure to try the Mizuno MP-18s if you want some new clubs this year and are prepared to upgrade to a player’s club.


Are Mizuno mp18 irons blades?

Pure blades, the Mizuno MP-18 irons demand your best performance. They propel the ball far and far away on strong, lovely trajectories with centered strikes.

MP-18 vs. MP-20; Differentiation.

PriceRegardless of the iron set you select, the retail price is $150 per club.$1,453.00$1,937.00
ForgivenessThe Mizuno MP-18 irons’ superior performance matches their excellent design. Mistakes won’t be saved by technology, but if you play the MP-18 player, forgiving others isn’t your top priority. Using 1025 Pure Select Mild Carbon, irons are forged.High Forgiveness
DurabilityI’m even more in awe of the irons because of the MP-18s. I adore the “elegant, yet durable non-glare finish” that Mizuno refers to. These items lack the polish of earlier irons and have a refined, almost milled appearance.The patented Grain Flow Forging Process is used in Hiroshima, Japan, to create the MP-20 irons. This method calls for a number of exact steps, and the end result has a feel, consistency, and durability that are exclusive to Mizuno. Forging increases grain density for a soft, consistent, and solid feel in the impact area.
MaterialPure carbon steel 1025E makes up its construction. The stock shaft for the MP-18 is the Dynamic Gold S300, and it is only available in 3-PW (RH). The MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) is more forgiving thanks to a sweet spot that is roughly 11% larger, despite having a slightly longer blade and thicker topline than the MP-18.The progressive titanium muscle plates and tungsten sole weights in the MP-20 MMC irons’ multi-material construction increase playability. The MP-20 versions, according to the manufacturer, have a thinner topline and more refined scoring lines than the MP-18 MMC irons.
Handicap RangeLow ‌‌‌‌ HighLow to mid handicappers are the target market for the MP-20 MMC (multi-metal compound). The MP-20 HMB (hot metal blade) is designed for players with mid-to-high handicaps or low handicaps who want a lot of forgiveness.
Do pros use itMizuno’s MP-18 SC iron won its second major prize of the week when GolfWRX members unanimously selected it as their favorite “Players Iron” of 2018. The honor supports the “MOST WANTED” Players Iron award from MyGolfSpy.Keith Mitchel and Justin Rose used MP-20 in 2021 
MP-18 vs. MP-20; Differentiation.


I tested the mp 18 blades against the mp 20s because I’m more physically fit and use them now. The 20s had faster balls, in my opinion. Thought about using an MMC or HMB combo, but I’ve always had a full set of blades. They do, in my opinion, feel a little better, and I love the camber sole. Since I haven’t tested the long irons on these clubs yet, I’ll see if MMC and HMB can move up to the top of the bag. For the 18s, I didn’t think there was enough of a difference in sc to combo (didn’t like mp 18 MMC).

What does SC mean on Mizuno irons?

The MP-18s from Mizuno offers four different options for golfers of all skill levels, unlike the MP lineup, which typically only consists of blades: MB (Muscle Back),  MMC (Multi-Material Construction), SC (Split Cavity), and MMC Fli-Hi.

Are MB irons forgiving?

Comparable in transition and design to other combo sets, the Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons feature blades in the shorter clubs and cavity back irons in the longer clubs. Allowance for long shots and restraint for short shots

Where are Mizuno irons made?

The Mizuno factory in Braselton, Georgia, assembles North American made golf equipment. This maintains strict quality control while ensuring the quickest service possible both inside and outside of the United States.

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