ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft

How does the ERC Soft ball differ from the Chrome Soft ball? The main distinction between these two is that the ERC golf ball has a polybutadiene cover while the Chrome soft ball has a urethane cover.

There are some other differences also to be considered and we will discuss each and every difference in this article to help you out to select the best golf ball for you. 

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What should you know about the ERC Soft ball?

ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft: Which One To Choose?

ERC stands for Ely Reeves Callaway.

The three-piece ERC retains its beautiful lines and soft feel in this new model, but a new “High Energy Core” is intended to speed up the ball from the tee to the green. A new “hybrid” cover that promotes a high launch and low spin (the recipe for distance with the long clubs) along with excellent feel was created using a tough PARALOID Impact Modifier from Dow.

In conjunction with the core and cover, a high-speed mantle increases the efficiency of energy transfer between the layers, increasing ball speed. It also increases wedge spin on the green, improving short-game control.

If you don’t like lines, keep in mind that since they only cover half the ball, they can be hidden on other shots throughout the course, particularly if you play ball in hand. If you want to gain those crucial extra yards without sacrificing feel, it is more affordable than other premium balls on the market and is worth taking into account.

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What are the key features?

  • Low spin
  • Soft feel
  • High energy core
  • New cover material
  • TT technology. 

Why buy an ERC Soft ball?

  • Long distance with exceptional feel, control, and spin.
  • Improved ball control and speed.
  • Triple Track Technology’s advanced alignment.

The brand-new hybrid cover includes a revolutionary PARALOIDTM Impact Modifier from DOW. This enables us to produce a multi-material construction that is incredibly adaptable. Callaway achieves this by providing a remarkable blend of increased distance from high launch and low spin, plush feel, toughness, and superior greenside control.

What are the key features?

  • Tour performance
  • Reduced drag
  • Soft fast core
  • Inomoer blend cover

What compression is Callaway ERC soft golf ball?

The company is known as ERC after its founder, Ely Reeves Callaway. Compression rating of 60 by Callaway; three-piece design

Who is the ERC Soft golf ball for?

Check out the ERC Soft around the greens to see if it’s a good fit for you if you have a medium to slow swing speed. If not, then try one of the Chrome Soft options for roughly the same price to gain a little more control without giving up too much feel.

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What should you know about the Chrome Soft ball?

Unquestionably the softest of the three is the Chrome Soft. I’d even say it’s the softest Tour ball currently on the market. Without any click or hit to it, it makes a soft “thud” when it leaves the putter. I’d still rate the Chrome Soft X as softer than most Tour balls even though it is noticeably firmer and louder than the Chrome Soft.

Allaway Golf is aware that even if a golf ball is exquisitely designed, it won’t mean much if it can’t be produced precisely. In order to develop exclusive precision design techniques and manufacturing specifications that produce tolerances as tight as 1/1000th of an inch, the company invested more than $50 million in its ball plant in Chicopee, Massachusetts. These measures were used to create the company’s most recent line of Chrome Soft, Soft X, and Soft X LS golf balls.

Which Chrome Soft Golf Ball Is Right For You?

Why buy Chrome soft ball?

  • A strong overall performance
  • The green has a soft feel to it.
  • Positive Low Spin Off The Tee

Golfers of all skill levels who want exceptional feel, great distance, and incredible forgiveness should consider Chrome Soft 22. A high degree of greenside control, more distance off the tee, low spinning iron shots, and our distinctive Chrome Soft feel are among the key performance attributes.

What swing speed is needed for Chrome Soft?

The Chrome Soft X LS is very comparable to the standard X, but it is made to fly higher and spin less when it leaves the tee. Once more, a swing speed of greater than 105 MPH is advised.

Are Chrome Soft golf balls good for beginners?

Every type of golfer can use the Chrome Soft due to its versatile performance and soft feel. It has a medium compression rating of 70.

Which Chrome Soft is like Pro V1?

Pro V1 is rivaled by a number of golf balls, including the Taylormade TP5 and Callaway Chrome Soft. The Bridgestone Tour B XS is the ball that most resembles the Pro V1.

ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft; What to expect?

Erc soft and Chrome Soft differ most blatantly in terms of performance. Erc Soft offers a longer distance off the tee while putting more emphasis on spin and control.

With a stronger emphasis on distance, chrome soft offers more feel and responsiveness. The two balls also have very different levels of durability.

Unlike chrome soft, which is more likely to split or crack after a few rounds, ERCsoft is made to last a few rounds before needing to be replaced.

Despite the word “soft” appearing in the name, the Chrome Soft is the ball for the majority of golfers as well as those who prefer a little more control and a firmer feel. Check out the Chrome Soft around the chipping green; it sacrifices a little distance for this control, but it might result in higher scores.

The ERC Soft is slightly less expensive per dozen if that is a factor that is important to you, but the Chrome Soft is a mid-range priced ball. Golfers who prefer a softer feel or a little more distance will benefit from the ERC Soft, especially if they have a mid- to low-speed swing to maximize the benefits of the higher launch and additional distance.


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