Dynamic Gold X100 vs. Project X6.5; Honest comparison.

I have a lot of experience playing both X100 and PX 6.5. Here’s my opinion, which may differ from many others.

  • X100S feel better to me. But for me, launch and spin are both high. Little roll, all carry. Even with 4i, holding greens is not a problem.
  • Both cover the same ground but in different ways.
  • Project X6.5 missiles fly much more flatly and with less spin. More roll but less carry. Longer irons make holding greens more difficult.

That is my own experience with both those clubs, and in this article you will find everything you need to know about the Dynamic Gold X100 vs. Project X6.5, helping you to select one for you to play better golf. 

So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for, and welcome to Sportic Media.

Dynamic Gold X100 Specs.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. Project X6.5; Honest comparison.

For skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for the best possible control and accuracy, this high-flex, tour weight shaft is made for them. featuring parallel tip irons with descending weight technology and taper tip irons with constant weight technology.

  • Launch: Low
  • Type: Wood
  • Tip: .355
  • Flex: X
  • Length: 45.00″
  • Butt: .600″
  • Weight: 121g

Dynamic Gold X100 swing speed.

Better for swing speeds between 92 mph and >105 mph is the X100. The “stiff” clubs, however, are designed for occasional to regular players.

For whom the Dynamic Gold X100 is?

Before purchasing a golf club you must know for whom that club is designed. And if you are not included in that category then you must not go to that club. So the Dynamic Gold X100 is for, 

  • Golfers who want to maintain a low ball flight.
  • Who swings with swift club heads.

Project X6.5 specs.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. Project X6.5; Honest comparison.

Golf shafts made by Project X are excellent for players with fast swing speeds who want to gain control without sacrificing feel and response. When purchasing irons or wedges in the future, get fit and purchase the best equipment for your game instead of accepting the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Stronger swingers who want a flat, penetrating ball flight and unparalleled stability are favoring Project X because of its stout profile that lasts the entire shaft. Available in blackout and chrome finishes.

  • Golf Club Flex: 6.5 Extra Stiff
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Material: Graphite
  • Brand: Project X
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Item Weight: 1.35 Pounds

There is a good reason why Project X has endured for so long and is so well-liked on tour. This iron shaft is excellent. Try out Project X if you want to increase the penetration of your iron shots or decrease your spin. 

Faster, quick-transition swingers are sure to find a fit that complements their game for both feel and performance with the variety of flex and weight options available.

How stiff is the Project X 6.5?

Due to the soft middle section of the shaft, it doesn’t feel particularly stiff. I play the 6.5 because my SS is a little higher. I played a 7.0 and wished I had used my 910 in that manner. 

Off the first tee, when I’m not swinging full force, I have my best drives. Watch out to the left if I pursue it. Kind of annoying, to put it mildly.

Project X6.5 vs. X100; Comparison chart.

These shafts’ low launch is one of their only shared characteristics. The ball will typically hit the ground at a lower height as a result. The low launch is ideal if you want your ball to roll farther down the fairway. You will receive the same kind of launch no matter which option you choose.

FeatureProject X6.5 Dynamic Gold X100
Weight125 grams121 grams
Length45.00 inches37 – 41 inches
USGA Legal or notYesYes
FlexStiffExtra stiff
Project X6.5 vs. X100

What about the durability?

A more durable electric golf cart is the Dynamic Gold X100.

Golfers all over the world are aware that a sturdy electric golf cart is necessary for playing in any circumstance. For those seeking an electric golf cart that can handle any terrain, the Dynamic Gold X is ideal.

With the extended range of this golf cart, you can play farther without worrying. Additionally, it has a faster speed, allowing you to reach the green more quickly and take more shots. 

The Dynamic Gold X is an excellent option to take into consideration if you’re looking for an electric golf cart that will last.

This golf cart will endure because it is constructed from premium materials. You can play your game regardless of the circumstances because it is simple to use. 

So, if you’re looking for a sturdy electric golf cart, the Dynamic Gold X is a fantastic option to take into account!

Should You Play Dynamic Gold or Project X?? // True Temper School
Should You Play Dynamic Gold or Project X?


I’ve been using X-100s for a long time, so I chose to use one of my old Titleist iron sets with the Project X 6.5 shafts. 

I did not enjoy the feel of the Project X shafts and discovered that I actually hit the ball higher with them. 

I don’t think you will find anything better than a Dynamic Gold X-100 to achieve this if you’re looking for a lower ball flight. 

And if you’ve been playing Dynamic Gold for a while, I wouldn’t suggest switching to a different shaft. Just my two cents from my personal experience.

What does X100 mean on a golf shaft?

Shafts in the Dynamic Gold line are designed for players with fluid swings. Look at your individual swing and put the shaft in the golf club that most closely resembles your speed. The X100 is an X flex shaft, while the S400 is a stiff flex shaft.

Is X100 stiffer than S300?

The X100 golf shaft is stiffer than the Dynamic Gold S300. The stiffer shaft is crucial for golfers who swing the ball faster. Golfers will have a very difficult time obtaining the necessary accuracy without the shaft’s stiffness.

What is the best Dynamic Gold shaft?

Even though the Project X 6.0 is fantastic, the DG S300 is still the most widely used iron shaft in the game. The S300 shafts can be used with great success by both beginning and seasoned golfers.

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