All The Things You Should Capture About Mizuno mp-57 vs mp-67

When we talk about Mizuno mp-57 vs. mp-67, their slightly deeper cavity, Mizuno claims that these MP irons are it’s most forgiving to date, allowing off-center strokes to travel farther and straighter. They did alright in our test but weren’t as exceptional or well-liked as their MP-67 relatives. But because of its sleek and seductive appearance, the MP-57 is anticipated to draw in many good players thanks to Mizuno’s rich iron legacy. 

Overall, it did okay, although it wasn’t the most forgiving club put to the test. We believe it’s one for the true connoisseur and ball-striker who desires the greatest degree of control and feel. However, let’s get into the Mizuno mp-57 vs. mp-67.

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1.What Is Mizuno mp-57?

The award-winning Grain Flow Forging and Cut MuscleTM innovations developed by MIZUNO have culminated in the New MP-57TM irons. The Product Development team worked to create the first MP iron with a Full Cavity, the MP-57s, which has a much wider sweet area than any other iron in the MP line’s history. 

The MP-57s generate a mid-trajectory in the scoring irons and a slightly higher ball flight in the long irons, in addition to enhanced forgiveness. Additionally, they give the MP iron player’s desired strong feel and shot-making skill. Most crucially, the MP-57s accomplish all these playing characteristics while maintaining a traditional head shape that attracts better players.

The MP-57 irons are the most playable MP irons ever, thanks to the perfect balance of solid feel, workability, and remarkable forgiveness.

With the Mizuno MP 57 iron set, you can hit the ball farther and with better contact. The 57 set irons from Mizuno are no different, as the entire MP golf line uses Grain Flow Forging technology. The MP 57’s strength and longevity come from the forging process. 

The entire golf club maintains its internal grain structure. Each iron gains strength through grain flow forging, which gives each iron a sharper, more distinct sound. There is a nice ping sound made when iron strikes a ball.

The Cut Muscle technology in the Mizuno MP club range is also included in the MP 57 irons. Cut Muscle is a technique Mizuno uses to provide clubs with a stable center of gravity. This package included the first MP golf clubs with a complete back cavity. 

These irons have a larger sweet spot thanks to the back cavity, making it simpler to strike the target accurately. Thanks to the Cut Muscle technology, you should have improved golf ball control and a solid trajectory. The method makes using an MP 57 iron feel comfortable in your hands during each swing. 

Not every stroke is perfect, as every golfer is aware. Fortunately, in certain circumstances, the whole back cavity offers more latitude.

An MP 57 iron’s sweet spot can be felt when you strike it precisely. Regardless of where your opening drives or fairway shots fall, these Mizuno golf clubs have features to assist you in making your next stroke. No lie is too difficult for this set of MP 57 irons. The leading edge of the MP 57 clubs has a uniquely designed, rolled edge. Additionally, they have a rolled trailing edge and a cambered midsole.

Additionally, the redesigned U-grooves on this club are set to generate a high spin rate while striving for that green shot. The U-grooves provide maximum playability and shot-stopping control on the MP 57 clubs. Mild carbon steel 1025E was used to create these Mizuno golf clubs.

Many firms’ procedures make that strong steel while also being comfortable to hold. Three irons through nine irons and a Mizuno mp-57 pitching wedge make up the complete MP 57 golf set. Both left-handed and right-handed versions are offered. 

Extra stiff shafts, stiff shafts, and ordinary shafts are available alternatives for shafts. Furthermore, players with either a high or low handicap can use this set effectively. The MP 57s irons are a valuable addition to your golf bag regardless of your skill level or frequency of fairway hits.

Special features of Mizuno mp-57

  • The first-ever Full Cavity MP iron is reinforced with a muscle pad for improved forgiveness and feel.
  • The optimal COG location, flawless trajectory, improved solid feel, and total ball control are all provided by the cutting-edge Cut MuscleTM design.
  • The pure select mild carbon steel offers the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.
  • Strong Double Nickel Chrome Plating.
  • Modified U-grooves generate the perfect spin rate for the most playability under all circumstances.
  • A constant striking ability from all kinds of lies is delivered by the rolled leading edge, cambered midsole, and trailing edge.

2. What Is Mizuno mp-67?

Mizuno mp-67

When we are in the sector of Mizuno mp-57 vs. mp-67, now we get into the Mizuno mp-67. The Mizuno product development team created a new muscular back iron with an avant-garde “Slender” Cut Muscle design, building on the award-winning success of Cut MuscleTM technology. The COG is located inside the Muscle back design of the new Slender Cut MuscleTM, giving the player total ball control. 

The design team was able to offer a neutral COG concerning the shaft axis and a constant sweet spot location for precise trajectory and distance control by utilizing Grain Flow Forging Cut MuscleTM technologies. 

The MP-67 TM’s cambered sole enables the player to make precise shots from various lies. The scoring irons have a mid-high trajectory, and the long irons from the MP-67TM have a mid-high trajectory.

Each set of irons is created with a specific sort of player with a specific ability level. Irons with a lot of forgiveness, a feature that beginners seek, are being produced by numerous golf club makers. But not every iron offers the level of forgiveness that most players find ideal. For players who are more experienced, Mizuno has released the MP-67 Irons.

You are probably seeking irons that are easier to use as an experienced or low handicap player. For golfers with low handicaps, Mizuno is regarded for making the ideal irons. While many will argue that seasoned golfers ought to be able to hit any club, they still need a good set of irons to play well. The Mizuno MP-67 is not designed to be hit off center since golfers will lose distance, and there is plenty of evidence to assist this claim. This club will make it simple for you to identify mistakes if you have a high handicap.

The Mizuno MP-67 Iron Set will provide consistent distance, lots of spins, and shot-shaping control if you have a low handicap. These irons’ narrow sweet spot and blade design make them ideal for golfers with single-digit handicaps. The player must continually make effective swings to succeed. The MP-67s are not the most affordable irons, with a $1,000 suggested retail price. A more seasoned player might choose to spend that much money on these irons.

These Mizunos will help you improve your game because they have a sensitive feel and let you stay on the green with a good swing. If you’re new to the game, you might want to switch to another iron, but if your swing is good, the MP-67 can greatly improve your performance.

For elite golfers seeking the greatest shot-shaping and distance capabilities, Mizuno MP-67 irons have split muscle-back forged blades. Each club is made of mild carbon steel, with Mizuno’s modified U-grooves, a rolled leading edge, and a cambered sole. 

According to Mizuno, the center of gravity might fall inside the Muscle due to the cut design, which enhances control. True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts in ordinary, stiff, extra-stiff flexes and Exsar IS2 Tour Spec graphite shafts are offered stock options for MP-67s.

Considerable facts in Mizuno mp-67


The MP-67 blades are incredibly delicate. Their center of gravity and slightly strong lofts provide lengthy, cloaking ball flights. Working the ball is simple thanks to the traditional blade design, reminiscent of the early muscle-backs. The short irons work admirably, generating tremendous spin and bite.


Advanced players who can work the ball and are at ease with a blade design should use clubs with MP-67 blades. It can be quite challenging to control the long irons (2-iron through 5-iron).

Bottom Line

The MP-67 is a fantastic pair of blades for players looking for a durable, tour-ready set. These players’ clubs are among the best on the market, thanks to their sophisticated muscle-back construction and plush feel. With justification, most shops allow sets of Mizuno MP-67 irons to sell for between $700 and $900.

Features of mizuno mp-67

  • The revolutionary Muscle Back with “Slender” Cut MuscleTM design offers the best level of ball control, the most precise trajectory, and an improved solid feel.
  • NEW Grain Flow Forged, 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel offers the ultimate soft, solid, and consistent feel.
  • Two nickel and chrome platings for a long-lasting finish.
  • Modified U-grooves produce the ideal spin rate, resulting in the best playability in all conditions.
  • The rolled leading edge, cambered midsole, and trailing edge give a continuous striking ability from all types of lies.


It’s challenging to think of an irons test in which Mizuno wouldn’t perform highly. The company produces outstanding quality irons. And in this test, the Grain Flow-forged carbon steel MP-67 irons performed admirably in all categories, focusing on appearance, feel, and image. A 5% head weight shift in the strike area improves their fantastic feel.  

Now you may have an idea of Mizuno mp-57 vs. mp-67. The traditional style and well-known cut-muscle technology won them over. Especially, there is no denying the quality and performance of both MP models, and their familiarity has likely held them back in favor of more daring and contemporary designs.

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